Maintenance - 26.10.17 (Thursday!)

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    • Maintenance - 26.10.17 (Thursday!)

      Hey NosPlayers,

      On Thursday we will have a scheduled maintenance.

      When exactly? Thursday October 26th 2017 from 09:00h to approximately 11:30h CEST. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
      What will be changed?
      - Start of the Halloween Event (including the old events: Jack O’Lantern and Foxy). The event will be available until 22.11.17. You will find more information below.
      - The 10th Anniversary in game event will end. The event letters will be removed.
      - [Bugfix] Some items in the inventory were not shown as “not usable” even if they were.
      - [Bugfix] The "do you want to sell this item with options to the NPC" message was sometimes shown also for normal items.
      - [Bugfix] It will be possible again to fight in TimeSpace 38.
      - [Bugfix] The Partner Specialist skill which gives HP (only available with Bone Warrior Ragnar) showed wrong values in the description.

      Your NosTale-Team

    • Information about the Halloween Event 2017:

      - There will be a new Raid (plus the old Jack O’Lantern and Foxy Raids, so 3 in total):
      o "Mad Professor Macavity" Raid Seals are dropping in Foxy and Jack O’Lantern Raids.
      o The Raid can only be done 5 times per day (you can buy a Reset Ticket).
      o The Raid is for levels 30 ~ 99.
      o 8 players are needed to start the Raid (it is not possible to start it with more or less players).
      o Players who want to join the Raid team need to take a pet with them.
      o In the Raid, 2 of the 8 players are transformed into “Mad Professor Macavity” and the “Test Subject”. These 2 players have to “catch” (kill) the other 6 players before they leave the Raid.
      o Only hunted players (not the hunters) can open boxes on the Raid map and receive useful items which make them faster, invisible, stun the hunters, etc. They can also get "Laurena’s Wand" (needed for a quest).
      o Before they can leave the Raid, hunted players also have to collect a key from the boxes.
      o Hunters have to prevent hunted players from leaving the Raid. Each killed player gives the hunter a box (which drops on the field).
      o When hunted players leave the Raid they receive a Raid box (they have successfully finished the Raid).
      o Dead hunted players are kicked out of the Raid and they don’t receive anything.
      o "Laurena’s Wand" will drop after the hunted player with the wand is killed.
      o Hunters don’t receive a Raid box after they finish the Raid – they receive the boxes obtained when they kill a hunted player.
      o Hunters have 2 skills each, which enable them to stun the enemies. Only the “Test Subject” can kill hunted players, so both the Subject and Mad Professor Macavity have to work together.

      - There will be 2 new quest NPCs.
      o You can buy a Raid Seal and a Reset Ticket for the Raid from “Mad Professor Macavity” if you give him 2.000.000 gold (daily quest).
      o Bring "Laurena’s Wand" (dropping out of the Raid boxes during the Raid) to Laurena to receive a Reward Box from her.

      - During the Event (and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of NosTale) you can receive Special Weapon Skins for free (once per account: One permanent without effects and one 10-day version with effect).
      o Swordsmen can receive their skins at NPC Teodor Topp.
      o Archers can receive their skins at NPC Eva Energy.
      o Mages can receive their skins at NPC Malcolm Mix.

      - You can create a new item “Magic Speed Booster (1day)” at NPC Malcolm Mix during the event period. It works as the already existing Speed Boosters but it doesn’t disappear after using it – you can use it for 1 day.

      - The following items are new in this event:
      o New Pet “Mad Professor Macavity”.
      o New Partner Specialist Card “Mad Professor Macavity's Test Subject”.
      o “White Witch Laurena's Disguise” (5% more exp gaining).
      o “Magic Speed Booster”.