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    • Hey guys,
      This is my first time writing a post so be nice to me :D (everyone makes grammar mistakes).I want to start NosTale again, and I have questions for you.I don't have that much free time (high school..), but I still want to enjoy this game again.I don't want to grind too hard, maybe I'll resell till I have time to grind.I just want to ask you which class do you think is the most fun/enjoyable to play in your opinion and why?I don't care about how fast it makes money or something like this (I won't grind that much so yeah :D ).Also, what do you like to do the most in NosTale?

      Anticipated thanks for your help. :)
    • Hello Ryfue ,
      In my opinion most fun / enjoyable class to play is Archer because after you buy wk you have much aoe sustain and it's also funny to play with . Even Scout it's also nice for pvp and funny due to " jump " right behind or even direct in a pvp fight , if you want to grow fast , have a good capital , i suggest you to select archer class .

      With respect , Bogdan .
    • Short comment on the archer: Archer is the most played class, so you will run into other archers everywhere. Equipment for archers is sometimes double the price then the same equipment for other classes (good for you if you grind a specialist and sell it, not so good if you want to buy equipment) and groups/raid teams are often lacking other classes.

      Personally, I like mages a lot. They are really nice to play in the early levels, where they have the healing aura and nice elemental damage.
      In the middle levels, they are outshined by archers, who are really strong once they get their WK. But if you manage to get a mage to high level and get him good equipment, they will be really strong again, with lots of AoE, stuns, debuffs and tons of damage.
      Apart from that, Mages deal mostly elemental damage. Thus, you might want to use different SPs, depending on element. With other classes, you often only have one or two SPs that you play actively.

      To talk about swordis shortly: They have tons of HP. That is nice as they don't die that fast, they can tank a lot without being afraid of instadeath.
      The downside is that, should they ever get low, it takes long to get up to full HP again. Therefore, they are hard to heal in raids and they need a long time to sit and eat food in PvE; or they need to use fullHP potions. This might be one reason why there are so few sword fighters running around (or maybe because everyone goes for most dmg possible^^). But swordfighters, being tanks, can also do things other classes can't. For example, a berserker (SP4 swordi) with a holy (SP2 mage) who permanently heals him, can kill mobs far beyond what he would normally be able to - something that would be very hard and need lots of pots without such a tank.

      All in all, every class has its pro and cons. You can try all of them and decide which one you like best, especially if you don't plan to grind or level so much - you can get gold from reselling and then equip either class with it.
      The only advice I would give you that you should pick Cylloan, as it is a new and really active server. For the rest, I gladly answer all your questions about the different classes - but every advice on which one is the best is purely personal, I think there are reasons to like or dislike every class. :)
    • Which class do you play the most?And which one do you think is the most enjoyable to play?I want to get the most fun out of my time :D Seems a little fun to one shot in arena ,but seems like the only fun thing about them(archer).The fun thing about swordie is that you die so hard, and you can win most of the aot matches solo.Mage seems so much fun, but so weak at the same time :( If I choose one class, I immediately want to change it..and it goes on and on for every class like a loop..So that's why idk what to do anymore..Which one to main..(I never got lv90)

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