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    • About Pet Trainers

      So,i feel like a total noob for posting this,(but in my defence i never was too found in my pet and always used the basic pe trainers from Eva to train it).
      My question is What's the difference beetwen The Bassic Pet Trainer that is purchased from Eva,The Strong Pet Trainer(aka Pet Trainer with Diploma) that drops from random mobs and finally the Event Pet Trainers ?
      Is there any difference at all ?

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • The strong one has more HP, so it survives longer (good for attack training). It does, however, also deal a lot of dmg, so have heal ready or use a different, high level pet as tank and then have the pet you want to train kill them.

      In training, you will notice that your pets level sometimes increases and sometimes drops (and often, nothing happens). Thus, it is nearly impossible to get the pet above +6, as the chance for a drop gets just too big. Here, the event trainers come into play: with them, the chance to increase a level ist still slow, but the level can't drop.

      The classic strategy to train your pet is:
      1) get the attack level up (e.g. to 6, might take a few 100 trainers). The lower the pet the better, so that the trainers don't die too fast.
      2) Put your pet on S and have eight trainers attack it at once to train def. If the pet doesn't attack (being on S), the attack can't drop. Be ready to leave the mini together with the pet as soon as it has the desired level, to Not risque a drop.
      3) Use event trainers to raise the pet farther.