Pinned Abuse of Sealed Vessels

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    • Abuse of Sealed Vessels

      Dear community,

      It came to our attention that some players, especially on Cylloan open a lot of vessels in a short time with the intention of harming others like that.
      The abuse of the item on populated places with no intention of finishing off the monster you spawned isn't permitted!
      Therefore if you want to use them please either open them on a different channel than the 1st one, in your miniland or at some place where others aren't concerned.
      To us it's obvious who abuses the item or not - and the violation of rules may result in a penalty since it's considered a disruption of the game experience.
      So please refrain from overusing the item if you don't want to eliminate the monsters anyway.

      Your NosTale.EN team

      Please also consider this information:

      Frostwolf wrote:

      Greetings adventurers!

      Because of recent activities I decided to point out some things regarding the usage of vessels in the game.

      They are part of the game. If you don't overdo it (and there is rarely a case you need to spawn more than one) or intend to harm other players, you are allowed to use them on any map you like - including Nosville.

      We tolerate using the NPC 'Graham' to help people killing the sealed monsters - with restrictions! Do not use the vessels in channel 1 and only use them one by one - otherwise we will consider that you want to kill people rather than actually use Graham

      The maps that are intend to go afk on are the shopzone and the miniland. If you go afk on any other map you do it on your own risk. At least don't go afk near Graham.
      If you do find a player exploiting the vessels feel free to report them to us in the IRC - we will take care of it.

      If you have further questions or wish to discuss it you can do it here.

      sexier than Morgoth