nostale casually BAN ACC

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  • nostale casually BAN ACC

    I was in the steam top up yesterday
    799.99hkd bought three times at 9: 23.amPDT
    One of the automatic repayment
    Then I can not top up
    To today or top up failed
    Now I suddenly give BAN account
    Originally just SHOP not used
    I have not done anything yet BAN me
    I reported a few times no reply
    I have a two month holiday
    Really want to go online to play nostale
    Suddenly put my account ban
  • if your ban had to do with payment you need to make a ticket here:
    if it does not have anything to do with billing then:

    we can not help with bans through the forum so you must go through one of those two support sites. It sounds like a top up issue which would mean you need to contact billing department which the GM and Forum staff can not help you with.
  • Generally speaking:
    If your account is either banned because of payment or you're banned only in Nosmall please contact the Payment-Support ( They only work between Mo - Fri (this Tuesday was a public holiday here in Germany though) at fixed hours - but only they can help you in such cases since we have nothing to do with payment. In case you don't know a ban reason in general you can of course still contact the game support.

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