MoonTree (Social,Friendly and Fun!)

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    • MoonTree (Social,Friendly and Fun!)

      MoonTree is currently recruiting! We are a Nostale US server family! We belive in enjoying the game together and leaving no one behind! I decided to make this guild so people of any level would be able to find a home in Nostale!

      Our goals for this guild is to enjoy all the game content the game as to offer and make friends along the way! We do plan on doing LoD (Land of the Dead.) to progress faster but at this moment we are unable to do so. Once we are able to do LoD we will make sure that everyone gets a party and that the parties are fair!

      So it is our hope here that you will come to love this as your Nostale home! If you ever feel like this fam is not for you, you are free to leave no questions asked. However before it gets to that point please let us know if there is something going on so we may help! We also use a discord server so if you want that information just message me on discord! My ID: GoddessLuna#2489 Also if you need an invite via in game feel free to whisper GoddessLuna or Guide.
    • Pinkamena wrote:

      So,im not looking for a family atm,as i have one,but i really have to say that i love that logo ! <3
      Did you guys did it ? It looks amazing ! 8o
      My friend made it for me 4 years ago when I had a guild in a different game. Sadly we lost contact with each other but she gave me the okay to use it anytime I want as long as I tell people I did not make it when they asked. Her name was MoonyChan.