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  • One of the main reasons (in my opinion) is the WK. The destroyer is more suited for PvE than PvP (e.g. a PvP player can easily evade the bombs) and here, the WK is just better in many cases.
    Furthermore, the LoD crazy people prefer the WK for obvious reasons. Then, once you are out of LoD, the WK will be 99+9 or something; if you get a lv1 destroyer then it will of course be very bad compared to the WK.

    I would suggest to get the destroyer and try it out. If you like it then play it, it's you who's playing and not a statistic. If you don't like him then you don't have to update him too much.
  • It seems that the players think a single improved buff can do miracles.
    Destroyer had it the worst after the 2016 sp update,he only got a pvp buff and thats it,ignoring everything else,people for some reason think it's op,some of them are in my fam too,despise trying to convince them that the destroyer isn't that good,they just think im like a sheep like the rest of the crowd.
    I'll just explain why i think it sucks overall.
    Let's start with the debuffs shall we ?
    Destroyer have 4 debuffs : 1 DoT,2 Stuns and the famous Gas.
    The Dot is a 40% chance of serious bleeding,not bad,not great either,is just meh.
    The Stuns are blackout which are the weakest form of stuns and are easier to dodge,even by using hippo hat. :lol:
    One of them is 30% which which is even worse then the DoT.
    Finally The Gas make the chance the target receive with the probability of 50% a critical attack while dropping the defense level by 2 it also have a chance to cast a gas stun that last 5 seconds after with the chance of 50% while also the effect is lv 5 meaning its the only Des debuff that can't be cured,this is undoubtly the best Destroyer spell.But here comes the problem,this along with the stun from the ultimate are the only 2 usseful debuffs while the rest rely on many more debuffs then this.It's just too few for PVP.
    Others effects would be a 100% crit and a push spell which for a remote fighter equalls nothing.
    Now lets see the Buffs.
    Destroyer have 2 buffs : Booster on and Miraculous Healing.
    Booster on is just a speed boost,first 5 sec the speed is increased by 10 and then it becomes 2,its not wonderfull but not bad.
    Miraculous healing was supposed to be just a spell that cures all the debuffs that are lv 3 or lower,now that was removed and replaced with a +15% PVP dmg boost and a chance to dodge 90% of the incoming damage witht the chance of 15% - This is litteraly the only change that this card had and while is a good change you can't deny the fact that 15% is indeed a low chance and it rely heavily on the luck,so bassicaly if you aren't a lucky person this buff becomes kinda usseles.
    This buff is something that other cards also received,like ranger,berserker and assasin so it isn't something special.
    The Aoe are few and small,however one particular spell "Fire Mine" Which summons mines that goes to enemy targets and explode are especially good in the Chicken Queen raid as they are fast,explode dealing aoe damage and is just faster then your particular aoe spells which makes him extremly wanted for this raid.
    Is it good in PVE ?
    Maybe,in the right raids like FC sure.
    Is it good in PVP ?
    Not really,only if you like to rely on luck.
    (I did pvp the guy that argued with me about des,we both had a +0 sp,i was ranger and i won the first duel,he won the second because apparently you need to stay still when fighting a des,thats what he told me, :lol: He was 1% hp at the end and probably miraculous healing did his trick aftera all).
    Anyway,hopefully i made you understand why people don't play des.
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
    ~Running through my head~
    ~Running through my head~
  • The destroyer is not used mainly because of the low range of attacks and too long casting time (especially the ultimate skill). Its stunning is easily avoided with a monkey hat. I'm counting on that someday they will change this specialist card for the better ...