Annoying Error Message whenever you try to switch servers.

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  • Annoying Error Message whenever you try to switch servers.

    Im not sure if it is intended this way because nobody complained about it yet and it keeps repeating,but assuming for God know what reason it was intended that way,any moderator feel free to close this thread.
    So bassicaly, whenever you choose the "Select Server" option you get logged out of the server and have to retype your account again.It happened to me every single time. :(
    However it's ironic,before the US server you could acttualy use this option even though there was only one server and now there are 2 servers you can't use it for whatever reason.
    Idc anymore about the UK server but it was nice as it allowed you to switch channels which helped alot.

    Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
  • Same problem here.
    It is (or was, before...) caused by lag or high ping. The game server hasn't registered yet that you logged out and thus thinks you want to log into an account that is already online.
    It gets annoying when you have a disconnect as the server needs some minutes to realize that and thus you can't log in for several minutes...
    I thought that I had this problem because I'm playing on the US server from Europa and thus I might have a little higher ping (although I didn't notice any lags while playing), but if I'm not the only one then maybe something is indeed not quite right and should be checked. Maybe it can be fixed by just increasing the log out time by .5 seconds or something, so that the server has enough time to realize that we actually went off? No idea...

    But i totally agree that it is quite annoying and happens every single time, so it would be great if something could be done about it. :)