Partner personality

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    • As far as I know, the personality is only important when the partner is wearing a specialist, as some of these like to cry out (anime-style, shouting their skill names and all^^).

      About the dying: Almost all Nosmall pets have two properties that make them really tanky: High resistances against elemental attacks and the "reduces incoming damage by XX % with a chance of YY %".
      Your partner doesn't have any of them.
      As he is a person, you can equip him though.
      Press P to enter the character menu and look at the left side. There, you can choose your partner and give him equipment. You will see that he is wearing a really low level armor and a really low level weapon and no shoes or gloves at all (thus, no resistance at all).
      You can equip him with every glove or shoe you want, thus giving him resistances, speed + 1, etc.
      For weapon and armor, you can take any item you like, go to Theoman Top and turn it into a partner weapon/armor. Of course a sword will get turned into a melee weapon only for melee partners etc.
      If you want your partner to tank properly, you should thus get a really good armor, high rare level, high update. Update it as far as you want, then go to Theo to change it, and your partner will suddenly be much more tanky. :)
      Note that also the effects on the weapon or armor (e.g. plus HP from the Elvin sword) will effect your partner.

      Furthermore, as mentioned in the beginning, there are specialists for partners. They come with three skills each and every skill has different levels. Some of these partners have skills that make them more tanky, e.g. invulnerability for a few seconds etc.
      If you don't want to buy specialists from the mall, you should try your luck at the next event (most likely around christmas). Here, you can almost always drop specialists from event raids, if you are lucky. :)