Quest xp for old players

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    • Quest xp for old players

      Hi i was an old player, i gave up a lot of times because im more of a casual player, maybe i used to be a little more hardcore. I read that if you do the main quests from 1 to 55 you end up to like level 83 or something, is this true? With the luck i have i stopped playing a couple of years ago at about lvl 53, i came back about a week ago because i saw the game on steam. As you can guess i did all the main quests up to my lvl around 53, i finished the other quests and now im at 57 which gives joke xp.

      Is it true that a new player can get to 83-84 in like a couple of days and yet ill be stuck like forever(with the way i play) till i get there? Isnt this a little stupid? I can not do lod because my guild is new with mostly new players but still i dont accept doing lod for no reason.

      What do you suggest me, im thinking to quit again. If we could at least transfer our stuff to another character in our account i would transfer the cards and all and start a new ranger(my main is a ranger).

      I read this in a forum which i dont know if they talk about a private server, but they use the word official.

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    • With the quest from 1 to 55 you end up at 83? xD
      No, that is not true at all. What is true is that the Exp you get from doing the main quest got doubled some time back, so you don't have to grind for levels that much between missions (at least until lv55).
      It is true that you can get to lv83/84 in a short amount of time. On an old server, where people are able to pull you through the land of dead, that is rather easy.
      On a new server, it takes effort, time and often also real money. Yes, there are already players above lv 70 on the new servers, even though they only released about a week ago. But this is not the normal player...^^

      One thing you are forgetting is that level isn't everything in Nostale. You can have fun and be a good player regardless of level. In fact, if you level to much, you are missing out on content - e.g. once you hit lv50 you can't get items from the Cuby raid anymore.
      I would suggest that you play on one of the new servers (if you don't already). I'm playing on Cylloan (the new international/US server) and I'm rather pleased with the activity and players right now.
      On an old server, you might be forced to level fast, but on a new one, where everyone is (rather) low, you can take your time and enjoy every aspect of the game.
      If you still feel that you want to get to a high level as fast as possible, look out for Lod-families. That are families that especially recruit people for the land of dead, a fast level area. I wouldn't recommend it, as it can get really boring and competitive, but if that is what you want, it is possible in Nostale. :)