A little help with ts 55

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  • A little help with ts 55

    Hello, are there any tricks to ts 55 because i find the last room impossible to do, if anyone is willing to help me to get passed it thank you beforehand. One last question probably a famous one, are there any good ways to make gold at my level etc? thank you.
  • There are some tricks actually. First, do NOT use area attacks! At least not until you defeat the stupid potatoes. Kill them 1 at a time while using potions to stay alive(or if you are a mage healing aura).

    It may be a good idea to use pet dolls to automatically revive your pet/partner during this TS as the more they tank for you the less likely the sheer amount of stupid potatoes will keep you staggered and unable to fight back.

    Run to one of the corners when you first enter the room to get as few enemies attacking you at the same time as possible. The potatoes keep respawning as you kill them but there IS a limit. Once they are all dead the rest is quite easy.
  • That is why I said to run to a corner, I go to the top left corner myself. It makes it so when the potatoes spawn in I'm too far away for some of them to notice me, so I have my pet move forwards a bit and they come running. I'd you are using pet dolls to revive it you can go ahead and use area attacks to kill large groups of potatoes swarming your pet that way to speed things up a bit.