Out of the light, into the night! - »Nightƒall«

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    • Out of the light, into the night! - »Nightƒall«

      Night falls. Or has fallen. Why is it that night falls, instead of rising, like the dawn?

      If you look at east, by sunset, you can see night rising, not falling; darkness lifting into the sky,
      up from the horizon, like a black sun behind cloud cover.
      Like smoke from an unseen fire.

      A fire that burn in us all, deep inside, also unseen from the outside.

      Who we are?

      We are a small group of german players from Nostale.DE Server 2 Fortuna.
      We were excited about the new servers and we want to take the chance start over on a second server with newbies at the same level.

      What we want?

      We want to play like in the beginnings from nostale with have nothing, farm, leveling, doing Quests - just having fun.
      We are helpful and nice people and we want YOU to join us and having fun too in NosTale!

      If we are all higher and more people, we want to do family activities like raids, Act4, LoD and more.

      About the Family:

      Tanuki | Magican | Lv. 40+

      Karuzo | Swordsman | Lv. 40+
      heyyo | Archer | Lv. 50+

      °•Lux•° | Magican | Lv. 30+
      MâgícMéL | Magican | Lv. 50+
      Zera | Archer | Lv. 30+
      Sirius | Archer | Lv. 20+
      Mavis | Swordsman | Lv. 30+


      If you are interested to join our family, leave a comment below,
      PM me here or whisper to our familyhead, a familydeputy or a familykeeper!
      (You can copy and paste the names for in Game here)

      We like to meet people from all over the world!

      Sometimes we talk in german in familychat but don't be shy! Ask anything you want!! :)
      We are able to understand and answer in english and talk to you in english as well!
      Your level and job dosn't matter to us!

      I'll do my best to keep this familythread updated.
      We are looking forward for new Adventures and strong, bold people who want to join us and beeing a part of the night!

      This pictures above are made by ME with free stuff!
      !! Pls don't steal or use them !!

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