Hacks in NosTale.es

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  • Hacks in NosTale.es

    Hello, sorry for my english (I'm spanish)
    A week ago, a group of users in S1-Eternity (spanish server) have been banned for use GM program's. They can have ilimited gold, Weapons with 25k in stats damage (every kill does ~60k of damage).
    1- They buy ALL (With ilimited gold this is too easy) nosdolar items (ancelloans, nosmate pearls, etc) in nosbazar and public the same items more expensive: They up nosdolar price from 150k/u to 450k/u (now ancelloans costs 2kk, golden specialist holder costs 40kk, etc...). Today, S1-Eternity economy was BROKEN.
    2- They can upgrade weapons rarity free (weapons r7-r8 with 4X% to damage in pvp, 151 enhanced damage, 3 or 4 sls)
    3- They generate ilimited gold and sell it for real euros (So the people don't buy nosdolars, directly buy gold and gain more benefits).
    4- They put lv90 shells (generated by the program) in normal equipment (30-96)
    S1-Eternity is dying. This video shows everything I say; thank you for your attention.

    Specialists +13=600kk
    Specialists +14=1kkk
    Specialists +15=1.5kkk-2kkk

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