Let's talk about specialists balance

    • Lou wrote:

      Hello again, friends. I would like to present you the ideas invented by Polish players NosTale, of course you can express your opinions on them.
      All skills have a range of 10 cells, a duration of 0.0s (except bombs where 0.3s. Ultimate skill - 0.5s).
      1st skill: CD 7.0s -> 10.0s. With a probability of 15% can trigger Stun (3l bad effect, 3.0s)
      6th skill: CD 23.0s -> 15.0s. With a probability of 30% can trigger Stun (3lv. Bad effect, 3.0s)
      8 CD skill 32.0s -> 20.0s
      Ultimate skill: 120.0s -> 70.0s. Chance of deadly stunning reduced to 70-75%

      Additional information: A single bomb explodes on its own and faster and generates with a probability of 25% short stun.
      Range reduced to 11 cells, mana shield 30% reduction / 20% mana, speed +1.
      Next part soon

      @Lady Sky Can you pass these suggestions to Entwell? You mentioned that the players' suggestions will be taken into account.
      I think the main reason why destroyer needs to be buffed is about its bombs
      The bombs seem dealing constant damage but not scaling to your attack power/element (I tested it long time ago, not so sure about it)

      The suggestion for 1st is unsuitable. Now it already has 30% chance of stun with 7s CD which is quite decent indeed.
      Having a 3lv stun may be good, but the CD of every SP's 1st skill should be kept short.
      Others are good.

      Blue magician actually has the longest attack range and highest element power AoE skills now which is a compensation for not having a mana shield. I don't think reducing it again will be good.
      In PVE BM is doing quite well at the moment and I don't think it needs a mana shield.
      If you want a balance in PVP, BM's skills should have more base damage or higher chance of debuff.
      Now BM is quite useless without noticeable impact on the battlefield.
      It can hardly survive without mana shield but at the same time its advantages just cannot shine in PVP to compensate for its weakness.
      BM should be a glass cannon with AoE impact.

      Anyways each SP's skill set should be specialized for a specific purpose, but we simply don't know them at all.
      That's why it is so difficult to have a consensus among everyone's suggestions :(
    • I mean rigid(?) as the stun. I don't know the english name of this debuff. In my opinion rigid is better than normal stun, because monkey hat doesn't work on this kind of stun.

      P.D: I was inspired by the Korean version of the destroyer.
      Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz. Chrząszczyżewoszyce powiatu Łękołody. :)