Twisted Yertirand Raid Guide

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    • Twisted Yertirand Raid Guide

      Hi and welcome to my Twisted Yertirand raid guide.So Entwell finally decided that is time for a wider bracket level of players to enjoy new content.Yes you heard it right :D This raid is not 90+ and therefore "low levels" are free to join.So with no further ado let's begin.
      1.Basic Information.
      Twisted Yertirand is a raid added with the newest Valhalla questline zones.You however do not need to have the Valhalla questline to do this raid.The Boss is dark element.Some pots(wheter huge recovery aka vpe or divine hp pots aka fps) and also 100% dark res to deal with mobs is required.
      The seal of the raid looks looks like a key with a skull on it and works just like the other seals(double-click,invite other 14 players,go to the Forgotten Tower to summon),This seal can be obtained by hunting mobs in the new Valhalla zone that you can reach by talking with the giant penguin in Port Alveus,more precisely,Oasis and Forgotten Towers.
      When you arrived in Tart Hapendam via captain penguin,you move toward the oasis then proceed to the 7 Forgotten Towers,you go trough each until you reach the Forgotten Tower.Or if you don't want to host it,just join via raidlist. :S
      As i said before the raid iis normally 70-99,however the raid can be done with a team that consists entirely of 80-89 and people don't have a problem adding them,so don't be shy and join if you are curious and not 90+.
      2.Choosing a Specialist.
      Many raids require players to have certain sp's in order to join them,this is not an exception.
      1.Swordsman's : Sadly the swordie don't have many choices,as this raid require you to be remote fighter in order to avoid dmg and slows also being a light sp gives you the edge,therefore :
      - Crusader : The only remote swordie sp,light ele and tanky,what you want more ? the perfect choice for this raid for a swordsman.
      - Warrior : Only if you decide to be the one to tank the boss,you will have a hard time later on because of the slow but you will grant an nice boost with your morale,though ussualy the pets are the one tanking the boss,so it's only if the raid leader let you to.
      - Renegade : If you are a good fairy switcher,you will have no problem dodging the Yertirand basic attacks and you have an advantage clearing the mobs faster since they are also dark element.You may even tank if the hoster lets you,but you still don't escape the slow curse.
      2.Archers : Archers have unusual choices :
      - Scout : Scout have the farest remote damage in game,you avoid almost all the dmg and have an escape ability which is very usseful,also ussualy a scout is the one that trap the Bone Drake,so having one is mandatory.
      - Ranger : Same as Scout,the only difference is the lack of escape if you try to trap the Bone Drake and you may end up dying.
      - Wild Keeper : Good for mob control and buffs.
      - Cannon Shooter : Good for mob control.
      3.Mages : All mage sp's have remote dmg so you are free to choose whatever sp you want,i recommand though archmage or holy mage for both dmg and healing,a good DG can also trap the Bone Drake,avoid Seer.
      3.The Raid Itself.
      Map 1 : The Maze
      The first thing you notice when you enter the raid is the Huge Maze.Sadly a map with the maze isn't available so all i can do is to show images and try to somehow show you the way,but before this,its important to know other things.
      - You have a time of 5 minutes to find and pull a lever and also to find and enter the boss room(though if the hoster manage to do it,you won't have to worry about the latter).
      - Don't waste time fighing the skeletons or the zombies,assuming that absolutely everyone have a mount you won't need to worry about that.
      - Talking about mount,that is obligatory.
      - The Zombie mobs have an debuff that slow your speed by 4 and makes you talk glibberish,to avoid that debuff you should use an antibiotic,you can make it at malcom or buy it from bazar.
      - Its recomanded for all of the team to search for the lever so you won't risk failing raid.
      Now,some indicators :
      You start like this :

      You take it to left and fallow the herd.
      Always try to look for portal like these :

      These portals will teleport you to the next maze where the possibile lever may be,there are a total of 7 mazes in this map.Now you know you are approaching the entrace when you are in this maze :

      After you enter that maze you go south take it to left until you see the stairs,you go up and take it to right and keep going ! you will eventually reach the place where the portal for boss room will appear if the lever is pulled.
      MAP 2 : Boss Room.
      Now when you enter this room,most importantly Don't Attack until the Bone Drake is trapped !
      The Bone Drake is the giant undead dragon you see when you enter the boss room,go to the left corner and wait until a scout traps him,and after that you start attacking the Yertirand.If you are a Scout,you can trap him very simple,first use vital energy buff which make your remote attack more longer,then attack him once and run to the north-eastern corner of the map when the bone drake reaches you,you use ambush and you are done ! he will become trapped.

      Now you are free to kill Yertirand.
      Twisted Yertirand have 3 abilities and a basic attack.
      The First ability is when he conjures a huge circle around him that slow all the players,its important to avoid this ability.

      The Second spell is a shield,when the shield is up he is bassicaly immune to dmg and there is no point to attack him,however you must prepare yourself for the 3rd and final skill when you se him like this :

      The third spell ussualy comes after the second,red circles will appear on the ground and after 2.5 secnds a lighting wwill come up from the sky and instakill the player.

      The bassic attack is a normal dark element magic attack,ussualy hosters used the pets to tank,but i think a war with over 100% dark res can do it aswell.
      4.Secret PVP Quick Event.
      After you completed the raid,sometimes an pvp mini-event will happen.This pvp mini-event is bassicaly like Hunger Games or Battle Royale,all the player left will start fighting and killing eachother until only one remain,the one player that remain alive receive a special chest,different from the normal yertirand raid box.

      For completing normal Twisted Yertirand raid you receive one of the fallowing items :
      - Viking Armour costume/hat (7 days Costume only/30 days/permanent) x1 each.
      - Angel Feather (aka WOA) x10.
      - Dragon Heart x1.
      - Yertirand Partner
      - Undead Ragnar PSP x1.
      - Robber Gang Sword/Bow/Wand weapon x1 each.
      - Robber Gang Swordsman/Archer/Mage armour x1 each.
      - Yertirand Wand (Mage only) x1.
      - Corrupted Yertirand Wand (Mage only) x1.
      - Ragnar Key (partner) x1.
      - Erdymen Key (partner) x1.
      - Jeniffer Key x1.

      - Frigg Key x1.
      - Bone Drake Mount x1.
      - Blue Gem x1.
      - Walnut
      Cutter Costume/Hat (30 days/permanent) x1 each.
      - Golden Insignia Beaded Armour/Leather Armour/Robe x1 each.
      - Warrior/Knight like PSP (though im not sure) x1.
      For completing he extra mini Hunger Games like event after the raid was finished you receive one of the fallowing items :
      - Dragon Knight Helmet x1.
      - Dragon Glove x1.
      - Knight shoes x1.
      - Rich magical power necklace/bracelet/ring x1 each.
      - Viking Costume/Hat (permanent) x1 each.
      - Walnut Costume/Hat (permanent) x1 each.
      - Fafnir Fry x50.
      - R0-R7 Medal of honor rewarding reputation from 200 rep from R0 to 30k rep R7 x1 each.

      *Edit 1 : I corrected the rewards,as some of them were switched or wrong.
      Thanks for reading !
      Hopefulyy i helped you understand The Twisted Yertirand raid better,also tell me if you think i forgot something or something isn't right.

      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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