Pet looting in IC.

    • Pet looting in IC.

      I hear people complain about this a lot , but i don't see a suggestion of anyone to disable it in ic.
      i mean , scouts/sin in IC invis was disabled for loot reasons , then why not petloot?
      these littol bas... er ... critters have looted more then enough... and make life harder for adventurers (and other classes too i guess...) to loot anything in ic.
      like last ic , this 1 pet took 12 woa away infront of my nose , cus they don't have a looting animation , and thus just vacuum it away....

      alternative on pet loot -> cooldown of 0.5 seconds till pet can loot again ~ (character takes about 0.2 sec to loot) thus making it more appealing to loot with character ~

      'but why don't u just get a pet with auto loot too then?' yes ... lets have everyone use pets , and have all loot disappear within 1 second... (sounds like something that would happen on some Korean server...)

      So yah. nerv plyz.
    • My pet doesn't just vacuum loot, it has to stop and pick it up just like my player. My keyboard and touchpad won't work at the same time on my laptop. Though I have seen other peoples pets run over loot and it just picks up while moving so I know what you are talking about.
    • If there was no Pet Looting, it would defeat the purpouse of having the item that teaches them to loot, having better internet speeds and a good laptop/pc could also influence the effectiveness of looting, and all my pets can loot but I personally prefer to loot myself as I've adapted myself to dealing with pets, but at the same time, are you sure you're not just good at looting? Everyone there wants a piece of the cake, so you will have to be competitive about drops, I don't always get good loot and sometimes I get the best out of everyone, also on the topic of being an adventurer, the game isn't really intending any user to stay as the beginner class after as low as level 20, so there wont be any suppourt options on making adventurers better at looting or other things.