Calvin Coach Corner's forum Clearance

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    • Calvin Coach Corner's forum Clearance

      Greetings people!

      As you noticed, I made a forum clearance in this section, closing all posts made before July 1st, and sending them all (but Bug's reports and Questions) to archive.

      About closed threats, if you want to reopen them just contact me via PM.

      PD: Next clearance: Malcom's >.>

      Regards.... Your team

      Avatar by Ukiralestra
    • I haven't been on the forum for a long time before I became active now. But the old structure was much better. A clear overview with better categories. I don't know if there are plans of changing the layout again at some point, but it would be worth looking into.
      Archer: Ranger +15, Sin +15, Des +15, WK +15, CS +15, Scout +15, DH +15, AA +15
      Swordie: War +15, Blade +15, Sader +15, Zerk +15, Gladi +15, Monk +15, (buying +15 DR/Rene)
      Mage: RM +15, Holy +15, BM +15, DG +15, Vulc +15, TL +15, +15 Seer, AM +15
      Neutral: PJ +15, KFC +15, Pirate +15, Jaja +15