A new family

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    • A new family

      I'm looking for people to create and join a new family.

      The reason why im posting here is because I don't want it to be like every other family on nos.

      The goal won't be to hit lv 99 in 3 weeks nor will it be spamming fc raids or LoD.

      The principles of the family:
      1. Play to have fun
      2. Be social & talkative
      3. Enjoy every stage of the game, don't just rush for lv 90
      4. Learn the ways of improving yourself, don't just be a high lv with bad eq
      5. Actually see the point of the game, read and enjoy the badly written storyline (you don't have to but you should, it's flawed but interesting)
      6. Don't be obsessed with pvp and rankings as there is more to life than killing noobs in the arena to get a higher score
      7. Be respectable

      That's all i can think of for now. Essentially what i want to create is a family for people who play casually, log on to get rid of the stress of day to day life and have some fun. To me a big part is reputation, not necessarily the one you can get in a pts stone or raid, but the reputation of the player and family. I want the family to be admired and respected. People should know if they trade someone in the fam they won't get scammed and if they see you in the arena they know you won't kill someone 20 lvls lower than yourself.

      Above all this family will be 18+ (as in age or at least make it appear that way), casual and RL first kind of vibe. I want a certain level of maturity and intellect so that's why there is a lot written here. There will be no level requirement. However as ghe family gets fuller we need to think about how many alts one can have. But that's a worry for later.

      Hit me up if youre interested. This is planning ahead a bit, I'm thinking of creating the family towards the end of August.
      Archer (lv 1): Ranger +15, Sin +15, Des +15, WK +15, CS +15, Scout +15, DH +15, AA +15
      Swordie (lv 63): War +15, Blade +15, Sader +15, Zerk +15, Gladi +15, Monk +15, +15 DR, +15 Rene
      Mage (lv 91+7): RM +15, Holy +15, BM +15, DG +15, Vulc +15, TL +15, +15 Seer, AM +15
      Neutral: PJ +15, KFC +15, Pirate +15, Jaja +15