Orphan in need

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    • Orphan in need

      Hiya folks,

      It's been a few days I've gotten back on NosSaddle now, and Job EXP is getting a bit lonely.
      I'd like to join a friendly bunch to enjoy playing together.

      Let it be known that I probably won't comply to most restrictions.
      Basically I like to play at my own pace, more to the point actually enjoy roaming the NosLands.
      No LVL UP race for me. My main focus is to keep up with my Job LVL, SPs included. I try my best at keeping Combat LVL synched w/ Quest Status.
      I'm no Trade Frenzy either, I wouldn't care for a family that's primarily a marketplace.

      I'd merely like to find a community that'd lend a helping hand for missions & what else.
      No pressure.
      Rainbow Battle, Raids, LoD, ... whenever players feel like it, as simple as that.
      Mini-Games and whatever parties & I don't know what in the mix too for the more the merrier o/

      Are such kind of families still currency around here ?

      IGN - Steliaz
      Swordsman keen on strategies.
      & what else ask if you feel like it ~

      See ya !

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