Costume Fusion How-to-?

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    • Costume Fusion How-to-?

      Hiya !

      Id like insights about the new Costume Fusion item available in the Nosmall, please.
      There's a couple specifications I don't understand.

      - Base and material costumes have to be registered.
      - Only costumes that are bound to a character can be altered.

      What & How are registered and bound ?
      We are talking Runed Equipments Nosmall Costumes, right ?
      So are Permanent Costumes awarded by the Loyalty Daily Gift system eligible/usable ?

      Thanks folks,
      Enjoy your game ~
    • There are quite a few restrictions. Sometimes it tells you that it won't work but not why it won't.

      Also make sure you put the items in the right space, it ends up being really weird. The base is the part with the effect that stays and the design is the part as to what it will look like at the end.

      So let's say you want an oto costume with +2 speed.

      Put the white tiger into the base and oto into design. In your inventory it will look like you have a white tiger still, however when you right click it says oto costume design. When you equip it, on the equip it still looks like a white tiger, but on the character it ends up looking like an oto.

      This will get pretty annoying if you want different designs with the same effect, but that's the way they did it.

      It also ends up being buggy when you log on sometimes, but you just change it and back and it will be fixed.
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