What's with all the Bushtails ---

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    • What's with all the Bushtails ---

      Hi folks,
      Nice to be back !

      I haven't ever been on the UK server, but I used to play over FR version years back... Can't remember precisely.
      Back when Fairies would let you know about their whimsical moods... in a frenglish babbling kind of speech...
      ...& the LVL28 Fragrant Grass Quest was about the end of the game because it remained faulty for weeks.

      How could I stay away ? By the way what's with all the Bushtails !?

      Anyways by now I'm getting a hold of developments.. with Fairy system, Events and SPs..
      Wait. What on earth's happened to Bob & Kliff O.O

      Currently mere LVL15 Swordsman all over my Job EXP.
      I fancy making my own way through the story, with a few tips&tricks regarding EXP mechanisms obviously.
      Otherwise I'd lose interest, couldn't see the point. Besides I was never that attracted to High Levels.
      Kinda sounds like too close to an end to me. Or PvP until boredom strikes final blow.
      However I'm reeaaaal motivated to rock it fair & enjoy.

      And how's the Family system doing really ?
      Rep. Race or Close Circle ?

      Otherwise 22 y.o. male student & else ask if you feel like it.
      IGN - Steliaz

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