Reduce Mana Cost On Death Reaper's Skills

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    • Reduce Mana Cost On Death Reaper's Skills

      Most people today don't play Death Reaper due to one fact that the mana it cost to use its skills is higher than any other Mage SP. It's sad cause I personally enjoy DR so much and I'm literally one of the very few who main it for this reason. I would love to see an update on DR's skill MP cost to be reduced! Please do something because this beautiful SP is a waste if literally no one uses it. :( :whistling:
    • It did have a rework but I guess they aren't very good at those since they don't use these specialists from a players perspective, it's also a point to state that they may not involve PvP siutations in their decision making when they make updates for specialists etc, just like Blue Mage & Red Mage, they did update them but they're still not viable for PvP, but on the other hand, Dark Gunners update was a giant enhancement that was needed for the specialist in PvP as it didn't really have skills for PvE anyways.

      I feel like they wont really change what's already been done, I mean I could go on for hours about Archmage but once you get to high level play, the specialists that were a terrible choice in the past could actually become super fun to use, I may not use Archmage now but once I get my champion levels up I might be able to have enough self strength to deplete my specialists flaws in PvP situations, same with Death Reaper.
      A very inspiring NosTale YouTuber known as XiaoWeiXiao shows you how powerful each of your specialists can really be once you become strong enough to find their potential, and I believe that will also be the same for Mage class.
      Edit : Still low in hope in Archmage for PvP, its magic attack damage is terrible for its 4 attack skills. I didn't inclue Meteor Storm because that can only be used every 5 minutes, and the full heal is sort of essential as it'll take you awhile to kill each of your opponents but by then you would've taken a toll on your mana.20170726-9-bravious.jpg

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