New player help! Got my second Specialist but something is wrong!?

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  • New player help! Got my second Specialist but something is wrong!?

    Ok I finally got my Assassin Card from the quest. Alright, before I transform to Assassin, my Ranger kills everything smoothly, high damage, can kill multiple mobs (2 to 3 pulls), etc. But when I transform to Assassin my character significantly became weaker?! I mean seriously, getting the Assassin card requires you higher job-level and such requirements but what the hell is happening here. It is supposed to be like stronger than Ranger right? I cannot even kill a mob within my level because my damage is absolute trash in Assassin form, killing piis requires me 2 hits. I bought a dark fairy btw since it is said "Dark Type". Is this normal?, will my character becomes stronger in a few levels?, I'm kinda frustrated because I am really excited to get the Assassin Card for days.
  • My question would be about your ranger before i can give a proper answer to your assassin question. What level is your ranger? Also, how does your bow and dagger compare? For instance, is your bow +5 while your dagger is +0. Does your Ranger have any perfection on it?(I'd assume not since you are new but you never know)

    Assassin will kill light and water element enemies better than ranger(like kovolts), as well as reduce damage you take from other dark element compared to ranger(like kenko). However the reduced range will obviously have its drawbacks. It is more of a PvP sp than ranger though as most of its damage is single target so getting close doesn't work so well against groups.

    Honestly whenever you get a new SP it is going to feel pretty weak for awhile, you need to get them to level 20 before you get their abilities that make them who they are. Assassin being your first sub weapon SP also has diminished damage for that reason. Your bow will usually have a damage advantage compared to your dagger, especially at lower levels when you rarely find a good dagger. I think you might be able to get a decent dagger from Gensing raids, or was it DC raids.... One gives an armor and I think the other gives the sub weapon. Jelly raid gives the bow, that one is easy to remember.
  • Ginseng - armour,DC - subwepon.
    Illgo a bit more into the element thing.
    You see,every SP has an element,every element vounter an element,is countered by another and have an opposed element.
    Counter - you deal normal damage to said element but that element deals extra damage to you and viceversa.
    Opposed - you deal 100% to said element but that element also deals 100% damage to you.
    Dark counters water elements,is countered by fire elements,and his opposed element is light.
    The element card does not apply when both combatants have the same element for this reason,and since most of the mobs of your lv are dark element i guess it dosent matter.
    Still you should stay Ranger because of what Ruff said.
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
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    ~Running through my head~