Unqualified billing support

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  • Unqualified billing support

    Hello, seeing as I have nowhere else to turn I'd like to ask Nostale Staff for advice.

    I have several payment issues which I tried to communicate with billing support.
    However, after stating a non-qualified answer, they stopped answering my tickets and just plainly started ingorning them.

    I will not go into detail about the issues here, but I am looking for a superior to the game billing support who can assist me.
    Asking for an official bank statement and getting ingored in neither helping me nor is it a sign of professionalism.

    I urge Nostale staff, to give me contacts to billing - supervisors so as I can get my issues solved.

    This is clearly a sign of a person who is unwilling to work, and should be punished for their unqualified work.

    I do not wish to take matters to a legal point.
  • same thing happened to me 1 week ago

    i charged up 3k nosdollars and after few mins my account got banned

    still no idea why its banned till this day

    i sent a ticket and they just ignore my tickets

    i have no idea what to do