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    • Damage Guide

      In The german Board a damage Guide (Schadensguide) exists. As people keep asking I will translate it now. This is not my content, I just translate it!
      Original Post: board.de.nostale.gameforge.com…read/14263-Schadensguide/
      The damage is Made Out of 3 parts in PvP and 4 parts in pve.

      Damage = (physical dmg + elemental dmg + Morale difference) * (1+Bonus Typ A%)
      (+/- PvE dmg)
      If you make less than 1 DMG, you do random dmg between 1 and 5.

      Physical dmg = (Norm dmg - def) * (1+Bonus Typ B%)
      Norm dmg = (Attackpower + Buffs + Skillattack + Weapondmg*(1+Atklevelbonus %) + 15) * (1+Bonus Typ C%)
      Def = (normdef + armordef*(1+Deflevelbonus %)) * (1+Bonus Typ D%)

      Display Spoiler
      - Attackpower and normdef are The Numbers you have by P without weapon/armor.
      - Bonus of atk/deflvl is only The higher calculated.
      Calculated lvl = higher lvl - lower lvl
      (For example: 1 = +10 weapon - +9 armor
      If both are Zero none will get a Bonus.
      - The calculated lvl ist never higher than 10.

      Elemental dmg = ((Equipenergy +Buffenergiy + Skillenergy + Fairydmg) * (1+Elemental Advantage bonus%))*(1-Ressistance%)
      Fairy dmg = (normdmg + 100) * (Fairy % + Elemental Skill bonus)

      Display Spoiler
      - Ressidtances 100%+ are calculated as 100%.
      - You need a fairy for elemental dmg.
      - elemental Skill Bonus: Just add The Numbers you get by skilling a SP on ele to the fairys %. For example fire fairy 50% and 10 Points on ele: 60% fairy.
      - elemental advantages:
      Fire>Shadow>Water>Light>Fire>... = 50% Elemental advantage.
      Fire<=>Water = 100% Elemental advantage
      Light<=>Shadow= 200% Elemental advantage
      Element>non element= 30% elemental advantage.

      Moraledifference = (Lvl of attacker + Morale of attacker) - (Level of Defender +Morale of defender)

      Bonus Typ A:
      + Costume (5%)
      + Buff: Attackpot (20%)
      + Buff: triple DMG buff of crusi (10%<30%<50%)
      + Shell: s DMG %
      + Shell: PvP s dmg
      - soft def (on oto costume For example)

      Bonus Typ B:
      + Critdmg - critreduce
      + Buff: Falkeye
      - Not far enough Shooting DMG (30%)
      - Buff: Iron skin

      Bonus Typ C
      + Softcrit (increases dmg by xx% by a Rate of yy%

      Bonus Typ D
      + Costume (5%)
      + Buff: defpot (20%)
      + Shell: s def
      + Shell: PvP s def
      - shell: defdown

      Pve dmg
      Lvl of mobb - DMG
      1-44 = 0
      ~45+ = Lvl*1
      ~56+ = Lvl*2
      ~65+ = Lvl*5

      If Player attacks mobb number is negative, if mobb attacks Player positive.
      If everything Else = 0, formula is 1~5+ pve dmg.

      Thank you For Reading and have fun calculating!
      Also if you have questions, Just ask me (PM or new thread or Message in Board.de (Name is also kovalsky)
    • Yaouank wrote:

      Please, works on the post presentation.

      Some color to make each part reliant between each steps...

      Thanks for the fast trad anyway
      Well atleast was fast and he did translaste xD just read and is easy to understand. ty again kovy <3

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