Specialists Hunger Games v6

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    • Specialists Hunger Games v6

      Dear fellow spammers and Nostale.uk-teammember,
      Here is the next round of sphg!
      Specialists Hunger Games V.5
      Here are The rules! (We are civilized, we don't Break The rules and we don't quote)
      1. Every Post has to kill exactly 1 specialist, until only one specialist is alive. Please write at The End "specialist Name ist Out". If a Specialist dies, He leaves The Combat.
      2. In sphg all ways of death are allowed, but reviving is not.
      3. Volcano won sphg5, so he Starts after The First 9 deaths.
      4. This year The Location is the fernon temple.
      5. In this year The First 6 nostale Partner specialists will join. I am proud to announce Aegir, Freyja and Barni as The Viking Family and Lotus, Shinobi and Orkani as the Ninja family! They will Fight in sphg as normal specialists, so this year 34 fighters will be here.

      Sphg5 wrote:

      Now there is a rule to prevent cheap posts and spamming,in order for a post to be valid it needs to contain atleast 25 lines(dialogue is allowed ofc).

      please keep this in mind : )

      Let's Hope For blood!
      suddenly all competitors spawned at the maingate to the fernon temple, Feeling a Bit dizzy. So now, fellow spammers, what happens next?
    • The Two new families form a clan and togheter they rush to spiral maze S so they can hide from the competion for now.Red mage,Ranger and War went to Fernom hideout,Blade,Holy and Sin stayed in Fernom basement and Blue Mage,Sader and Des rushed to fernom temple 10.None of them wanted to fight from day 1.Unfortunately the non elemental sp's had a hard time to reach the edge of zigzag trail,however some talents shined, jajamaru agility, Pirate cunning and chicken luck helped them to reach the safe place,poor pajama died being hit by a one eye plant which announced the first victim.
      Pirate : Ohh no.
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Jajamaru : Poor him.
      Pirate : It could had been any of us.
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Jajamaru : Yeah,we must be more carefull from now on.
      Pirate : However the good thing is that nobody would want to find us here.
      Jajamaru : Nice !
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Jajamaru: So we can stay here forever in safety !
      Chicken : Who's gonna bring us food ? Cluck Cluck !
      Pirate : You had to say it.
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Jajamaru : He has a point though.
      Pirate : Idk honestly,these plants are God like,they can't be eaten.
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Jajamaru : So we will go for canibalism ?
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      Pirate : I hope not,although if we do,i know who will be my first meal.
      Chicken : Cluck Cluck !
      *Jajamaru and Pirate look intensly at Chicken*
      Chicken : Cluck......
      I got an ideea,after each time we post here let's also post in lpw with suggestions and feedback to upgrade the quality of the posts.
      Pijama is out,33 left.

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Chicken gulped.This didnt look good at all.

      Jajamaru and Pirate attacked swiftly, Chicken barely dodged and decided to flee.

      "Chicken, where are you?"

      "Well,chicken, we can play hide and seek for a while!" laughed Pirate, not caring about loudness of his voice.

      Jajamaru glanced at Pirate.

      "Keep your voice down,fool. You never know who can hear you."

      "Jaja,please, we are all alone here."

      Suddenly both of them heard cruel laugh.

      "I would not count on that,fool."

      Demon hunter walked alone. She saw that group of non-elementalist running to Zigzag trail.

      What a perfect place for hiding, she thought.

      Pity it´s taken by such nuisance. Perhaps i can make them leave this place for me.

      She was hiding in shadows, walking silently as skilled murderer she was. Had to create dark aura around her body, so those one eye plants would ignore her.

      Suddenly she saw chicken running to demon-knows-where. Chicken was followed by Jaja and Pirate. She grinned to carelessness of Pirate.

      "Jaja,please, we ar all alone here." laughed Pirate, obviously enjoying chicken-hunting.

      I will make you leave this place. This place belongs to me!

      She laughed cruely.

      "I would not count on that,fool." she said, not even trying to hide mocking in her voice.

      And with those words, she lunged from her own hiding place. Pirate tried to dodge, but he was not quick enough. Hunter shot him in his chest.

      She laughed mercilessly.

      "You should run away,poor Jaja."

      Jaja watched helplessly Pirate being shot. His dead body hit the floor.Hunter´s evil laugh. Jaja knew there was no point in fighting, so he ran. And ran. And ran.

      He felt desperate. Chicken was lost somewhere. Pirate was dead.

      He felt as if he was being watched. He looked around, he must have run into Spiral maze, while he was mourning Pirate.

      Somebody put an axe on his neck.

      "Turn around,slowly."

      He obeyed. It was Aegir,Freya, Barni!


      "Yes,we. What are doing here?"

      "Hunter killed my friend,Pirate."

      Trio exchanged glances.

      "You can join us, if you want. You are outsider, just as we are. Lets show them, that this year one of us wins" smirked Barni.

      Chicken was running. It seemed that followers were gone.Finally safe?

      Suddenly somebody knocked Chicken down.

      It was Ninja family!

      Lotus,Shinobi and Orkani.

      They were smirking at Chicken.

      Cluck. This was not good.

      Pirate is dead,32 left.
    • In the same time, holy sin and blade were hiding and making plans...
      Holy: My love, blade, can you swear to protect me from the cruelty of these Quarter Qwelves?
      Blade: Of course. We need to have a strategy though...
      Sin(Hataki): I can hide better as no other Specialist. Holy (Angela) can cure even the deepest wounds and blade (Matthew) has the sharpest katana ever made. We can survive!
      Suddenly, Renegade shows her face, glistening of sweat. Deep breaths... She asks for mercy as Hataki targets her dagger at the neck of Renegade.
      Hataki: No mercy... that was what my Sensei taught me... after all these are the Hunger Games!!!!
      The battle starts. Anita ducks but Hataki strike again. She is lost. Kneels down on the cold floor.
      Anita: This is god's will...
      The face of Renegade shows on the wall of the temple. Anita. Her name appears beside her face. Two cannon blasts marks the tragic end of The Renegade.

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    • Looks can be Deceiving.
      A 19 years old girl named Natasha with a long dark brown curly hair and beauttifull green eyes.She was choosen as the Seers representative for The 6th edition of the Hunger Games.During her training she received only the highest grades and also showed immense ammount of intelligence,she looked like she was too smart for her own good.She was a social girl,talkactive,many would bet she will be the winner,but let's be serious when Seer ever won ? Exactly,never.
      Being a gorgeous girl isn't without her downsides,she would always be threated like dirt from macho mans who would touch her body occasionally,she didn't mind so much,she didn't mind at all acttualy as long as these mans would keep their hands awawy from her *sigh* you know.Natasha may look like a perfect girl however there was always someting wrong with her.She cried,she cried with no reason,she would cried huge ammount of rivers but for nothing,something bad wouldnt happen nor something good but she would still cry.
      Going back to the Games,shall we ?
      In her training time she meet a boy named Claudio,he was a berserker man,shy introvert never talking with anyone beside her and his relatives.Cladio was also an excellent fighter,he was bullied from when he was only a kid by his bigger brothers,one day while he was eating,his Bigger brother George approach the table where the food was, and silently he started to sneak behind Claudio and scare him with a skin of a snake,Claudio jumped from his chair and his face falled into the very hot soup which made his face hideous.The parents applied his bigger brother some sovietic correction and then they bringed Claudio to the hospital,most of the face was able to be recovered but a scar still remained on his nose.This was only the beggining.
      Natasha and Claudio camped on Fernom Temple 1.
      The Cannon shots.
      C : You heard it ?
      N : Yes.
      C : It was Renegade.
      N : Nice,one less of a problem.
      C : So N,tell me, do you care about me.
      N starts to cry.
      C : Wait,please stop,sorry that i ask.
      N : No,i really do ! ;( <3
      C : Then why are you crying ?
      N : Because i can ? Wo are you to tell me what to do. :thumbdown:
      C : Ok......
      C : I think i heard something ?
      An announcement is made.
      Attention please project A launched into random location.
      The announcement ends as fast as it started.
      N : OMG It sounds Cool,Let's go check it out !
      C : Why would you ?
      N takes C hand and rush throughout the Temple.
      N : Ohh,i really wanted to see the monster.
      C : You scare me,my angel.
      N : Ohh shut up,im just kidding.
      C : thinks in his mind (Is her alter ego taking over,poor being of purity).
      An 100 years old patato appear beind him.
      Natasha quickly starts to unleash her dark magic power on poor creature,thus saving Claudio life.
      C (How could i even think about that,this woman is amazing).
      Natasha starts to stare intensly at Claudio.
      She starts to walk slowly near him and drop her cloths off one by one,Claudio just sit and stares admiring the show.Natasha kissed his lips and then started to cry.
      C : Not again,not now.
      N : Im sorry, i just can't stop crying.
      Natasha tuns back and start to dress up.
      C : You are such an enigmatic and beautifull girl,how could i ever be mad at you,you are my little angel.
      Natasha smiles.
      She approaches him and hug him.
      With tears in his eyes she grabbed her and run away as the Dark Horn show up infront of them.
      They are both happy,running for their life but happy.
      Togheter they climb the Fernom tree so they could escape the Dark Horn wrath.
      They start hugging snd kissing.
      C : How such a kind and gentle soul like you can use the power of darkness,my dear.
      Natasha approach him and softly sing a song in his left ear.
      "In the most biblical sense i am beyond repentance,Fame Hooker,Prostitute wench that vomits her mind.
      But in the most logical sense i just do whats the best,seducing imbecile man just to survive".
      After she finishes she quickly push the Berserker off the edge falling to the ground and getting killed by Dark Horn.
      Natasha smiles and say loudly.
      Time for another victim.
      Berserker is out,30 left.

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Sonea listened to cannon with joy. Every sound, announcing somebody´s death was like paradise for her.

      Another one down. But too many left.

      But she promised to herself,this is the year she is going to win. She wont be ousider, not anymore. Days of childhood were gone for a long time.

      When i got rid of my emotions, i became stronger person. But there were times i cared...

      -Sonea´s memory-

      She was thirteen years old and she used to play with other children. They adored her long,blond hair. Adults often had to remind them to behave, but they were not trouble makers.

      There was one boy, called Nyle. She liked him and they used to play a lot together.
      However, Nyle became ill. He had fever, and every day he was weakr and weaker. Nobody could heal him.

      Sonea felt as if somebody was tearing her heart apart. There was nothing she could do.

      Desperate as she was,once she found herself near the only place, adults forbid their children to go.

      Cave of darkness.
      It was supposed to be home of evil ghost,some kind of demon. Sonea never believed it.

      Unfortunately, the legends were true.

      Oh,what a sweet little child,he he. Got lost on your way, little one?

      Sonea froze with fear. She didnt know what to do.

      Hah, seems you cant even answer me. Such behavior. But it does not matter. I can read in your mind like in opened book. Hmm...tell me, do you want to save that boy of yours?

      She gasped.Suddenly new hope filled her.

      ...Yes, i want to save him. Could you save him, please? she begged.

      Voice laughed cruely.

      Of course i can, but the price is...

      I will do anything!

      ...Serve me! I will fill your body with my strength and you will spread darkness and death. Heh, this could be fun...

      Sonea shivered, but image of Nyle dying made her to agree.

      Voice laughed.

      So be it.

      Sonea scream as dark energy filled her body. After some time pain was gone, only strange cold feeling remained.

      Go home child.

      And she did. She ran to Nyle.
      His fever was gone but he was still weak. She decided to go home. But she caught her reflection in mirror. Her hair were no longer blond, but dark red. And her skin was paler than snow.

      She ran home, where her parents were waiting. And when they saw her, they froze.

      Sonea...what have you done? said her father when he gathered himself.

      Father, please, forgive me. I had to save Nyle.... she sobbed.

      Foolish girl, you have no idea!

      He locked her in her room.

      And then her parents were arguing. What Sonea understood was that they wanted to burn her. As some kind of witch.She felt so upset, some things in her room exploded.
      She felt that cold feeling inside of her again. Was it magic?
      Sonea decided. She must run away.

      So she did. She ran away from people. She trained her magic. Eventually she gained weapons that increased her power. And her heart became so cold....

      -End of memory-

      Sonea snapped from her thoughts. She felt slightly angry that she allowed her memories to take over her attention.
      Fortunately, no danger appeared.

      Suddenly, her road was crossed by Chicken, running from Devil-knows-what.
      What an easy target. One shot, and Chicken was dead.

      She heard clapping, and turned backwards.

      Well, i was running from Gamemakers little joke,and what i dont see. Roasted chicken and devil´s servant.

      It was that seer girl,smirking. Oh,god,her eyes, they looked so similiar to Nyle´s...
      Sonea felt strange feeling rushing through her.

      -And here goes feeling nothing...

      Your eyes are so beautiful, Sonea blurted.
      Natasha froze. What?

      Sonea used moment of surprise and kissed Natasha. She felt that feeling again.

      Uh...shall i take that as alliance request? asked really surprised Natasha, but she didnt look as if she minded the kiss.

      Of course. I do not want to leave and never-to-see-again such eyes you have.

      Natasha blushed. It felt weird, but exciting.

      They decided to move on. Nobody noticed weird mark, that appeared on Natasha´s wrist.

      Chicken is dead, 29 left

      Tide Lord was walking alone, wondering about the mysterious glow of the cristals on the wall of the temple. There was something strange about the shards. They werent natural, thats for sure.
      Then, a star shaped crystal formed in front of him. He saw in its reflection a vision.

      (This happens in the vision)

      The Red Mage appears, her face not showing that clear. It seems that she wants to attack Poseidon (TL, I know its a cliché name, sorry). He dodges with his Trident. Then he summons the ancient thunder and vortex. Rossa (RM) is very stealthy and leaps back. Then she summons a meteor to hit the god. He is dead.
      Suddenly, the vision dissapears.
      (Real life)
      Rossa appears charmingly behind him. She wraps her arms around his neck.
      R: Did you miss me, my love?
      He pus his most evil face on.
      P: Yes. I have missed you. My love.
      R: Good. Then you can say goodbye to this world.
      Poseidon strikes first, knowing the actions of the enemy. He has the avantage. Rossa drops to her knees.
      R: Spare me! Please!
      Big tears fall off her face.
      Poseidon remembers the time they were together and lets her go. That move is enough to kill Tide Lord.
      Rossa: Mwahahahha!
      *strange voice* THAT WORKED OUT PERFECT, R.
      R: Yes, master. NOONE WILL STOP US NOW!!!

    • Sonea and Natasha were searching for their next target whitin the temple.After a long talk they decided that their target must be a strong opponent, the most coted to win,finally their target was chosen,it was Flint,the powerfull gladiator,the 2 took their time to find,in a temple with so many traps you must be cautious to not be seen.Unfortunately for both of them Flint wasnt alone but in a group alongside Red mage and Cannon shooter,like they were in a fire qualition.The group heard something,they noticed the 2 beautfull girls fighting,Natasha caught Sonea by her hair and start arguing with her,Flint interfered and asked Natasha to go away,after a quick spit she ran in the darkness.Flint invited her to join them,the group didn't mind,they didn't look like they trusted anyone anyway so why bother trying to convince him.They finally found a spot where they could cook an otto fox,it tasted awfull but what they could do,ofc they started to tell horror stories and some jokes so the time could go faster.Flint and Sonea looked happy togheter but someone wasn't happy about seeing them togheter,it was the Canoon Shooter named Thomas,he was disgusted by the fact that a girl interfered in the coalition plan to survive in the Fernom Temple.He decided it was time to get rid of her.He took some water from the river at the 1st floor of the fernom temple,he poisoned it and then went back to the camp.Demon Hunter was laughing in the distance "You will die fool,take my advice and stop this foolishnes" she said with a smile on her face.Thomas didn't listened he went back to his group.He made a plan, he took 4 bootles and turned normal water into the blue,green and yellow bootles and turned the poisoned one into the turquoise one.Then he joined his group with all the bootles,after eating hey started having some fun dancing in the dark after Sonea extinguished the fire.Thomas imediately the bootles giving the poisoned one to Sonea first,she refused saying that she wasnt thirsty.Thomas put the drink on the table amongst the others,after some dancing Thomas got angry and demanded that everyone taste his drinks.Sonea then took the turquoise bootle and when she prepared to drink she offered it to Flint,he accepted happily.This made Thomas scared,he turned a match on and saw that their bootle was acttualy blue,took a quick glimpse at his bootle,it was green,he sighed breathlessly then he turn his head to Red Mage he just started to drink from the turquoise bootle.Thomas made an excuse that he was going to the bathroom so he can run away,after a minute the poor Red mage vomited continuesly until he died at the shocked sight of Flint and Sonea.Flint turned angry and quickly started to rush towards Thomas.Sonae vanished fastly togheter with Natasha who appeared behind congratulating her,while the laugh of the Demon Hunter was heard in the distance.Red Mage is out,27 left.

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Battle of Hatred

      After the battle with renegade, Matthew and his company (Angela and Hataki) decided to move to safer area.
      So they walked for couple of hours, and they decided to settle in an area that seemed to be deserted. They had to rest for a while, that fight with Renegade tired them.

      After some time, Matthew decided to go for a walk and see the surroundings. Angela did not want to let him go alone,though.

      „Matt,please, it isn´t safe! You should not go anywhere without us!“ Angela cried.

      „Don´t worry about me. I wont go too far,i promise.“ That seemed to calm Angela, beceause she let him go.

      And so he went. It truly seemed like they were the only ones in the area….but somehow Matt had the feeling of being watched by someone hiding in the shadows…

      He felt nervous. Perhaps he should return to Angela and Hataki now.

      „Well,well,well. Look what we´ve got here. Blade, all alone.“ From the shadows, figure of Demon hunter emerged.

      My name is Matthew.“ Matt snapped angrily.

      „Honestly, who cares? You will be nameless corpse in a minute.“ And with that Hunter attacked with incredible speed.

      Matt had good reflexes too,though. He was able to dodge.

      „Hm,not bad. But will you be able to avoid this?“ Hunter used her gun.

      Matt smirked and used his sword to absorb that attack.

      „Try harder.“ He challenged and sent to her wave of energy from his sword.

      Hunter dodged and the wave created hole in the floor.

      Matt felt a chance and lunged at Hunter. His sword scratched her leg,forcing her to cry in pain.

      „You will pay for this!“ she stared at him for a while,and then smiled.

      Matt felt weird kind of dark energy,slowly weakening him.

      „Good try.“ He admitted.

      „Anybody else would be probably dead. But i am blade, as you kindly mentioned.“ With a smirk,he used a healing spell,getting rid of that awful feeling.
      Hunter shot him very hateful look. And then she fled.

      Matt returned to his group, where was waiting very anxious Angela.

      „Matt!“ she screamed and he could see tears in her eyes.
      Hataki calmly stared at Matt.
      „We heard strange noise and we were about to search for you.“ Hataki explained calmly.
      „Well,lets sit down and i will tell you what happened.“

      Meanwhile somewhere else…

      Blue mage loved to mage statues from ice. Unicorns,dragons,angels, they were perfect, when they were made of his magical ice.
      He was tired of walking whole day, so he decided to relax a bit. He began to work on a little dragon statue, when weird blast destroyed his beautiful work!

      Surge of hatred and anger filled him. He wildly looked around to find the person who did this!
      It was that destroyer boy. Completely ignorant of any art, knowing only destruction!

      „How dare you to destroy my masterpiece!“
      „Masterpiece?“Destroyer snorted.
      „Just a stupid piece of ice,if you ask me. I hate ice.“

      That was just a last drop of Blue mage´s patience.
      He sent towards Destroyer couple of icicles.

      That stupid boy barely managed to dodge. Then he decided to use his best skill to kill Blue mage, but Blue mage lazily created shield of ice around him,which absorbed energy of Destroyer´s attack, and sent back wave of freezing energy.
      Destroyer was frozen,unable to move or defend. Blue mage finished him with another couple of icicles.
      Destroyer´s body dropped dead to ground, but Blue mage did not pay any more attention to him. He stared at the broken remains to his statue, and began to cry.

      Destroyer is dead,26 left!
    • Guys,you totally forgot of the newcomers ! BTW : A-Aegir,F-Freya,B-Barni,S-Shinobi,O-Orkani,L-Lotus.
      Family Crisis
      Outside is snowing,gently.
      Freya is looking to Aegir very sad.
      F : I am so concerned about Barni,i cannot bear the thought of losing him.
      A : I know,i will gladly give my life just so he could win,but what can we do ?
      F : I would too,but it is obvious as it can get,we will all die in the end.
      Freya bursts into tears.
      Barni notice her mother crying and comes to comfort her.
      F : Should we .... ?
      A : NO! We must honour our Viking Ancestry,we will fight togheter till the end.
      B : Father,the food is lacking and the fire is weak,we must go outside to gather some wood and hunt some animals.
      A : I will go,you two stay here.
      After Aegir leaves,the 2 started chatting.

      B : Mom,what will happen once everthing is finished ?
      Freya hesitates to respond.
      BAM !
      A smoke bomb is released.
      F : Get Behind my back son !
      An Old man appears in the middle.
      O : We are claiming this land now !
      Barni starts attacking him using his poisoned arrow,dosent reach him.
      Freya starts channel a magic beam at him,but suddenly a slim Ninja throws a shuriken at her hand,she starts bleeding.
      Barni notices the Shinobi,in a moment of anger he started shotting at the ninja so fast he hits him twice in his chest.
      Orkani dashed towards the little archer but hits her mother instead.
      Freya with all her strenght left used a powerfull magic spell which blinded Orkani then quickly blessed her son as she starts to take down Shinobi.
      The Dark Ninja dosen't hesitate and prepare himself on blowing the fatal hit.
      Freya also prepares to strike him down,her son in a desperate mood to save his mother,does the incredible.
      He starts shooting at him,continously with all the skills and strenght his father taught him.
      Until the Shinobi finally redirect his attack against him but Freya jumps forward nd take the hit.
      Barni quickly became angered and shot Shinobi right in the head,killing him instantly.
      Orkani finally regain his vision and seeing how fast he became outnumber he retreats.
      Barni starts crying as he tries to heal his mother.
      B : Please !!! Anyone !! Help me !!!!!!!!! I need help,please.
      Suddenly a figure appears from the darkness.
      Is any hope for Freya left ?
      Shinobi is out.
      Meanwhile,far away in the Fernom temple first Floor.
      A : Who's there ?
      L : Hahaha.
      A : Who are you ?
      L : None of your bussnies.
      A : This is weird,i never wondered before why it is snowing inside the temple.
      L : You are too late to realize.
      A : Freya,Barni !
      Lotus grins.
      A : What you did to them.
      L : My Companions are after them,your family is probably dead by now,the cannon shot from 10 seconds ago was most likely one of them.
      Lotus prepare her fighting Stance.
      A : I promise i will kill every single one of you.
      L : Try.
      25 left.

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.