Nostale Gold Increase Options

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  • Nostale Gold Increase Options

    Hello there, currently I can make my Gold increase from loot 90%, im wondering, if I go over 100%, would it count? So say if I could stack my gold earned by 120%, will I get 120% bonus gold? Or only 100% bonus gold? Thanks.
  • Being a high level doesn't always equivalate to having alot of gold haha, I consider myself one of the poorest 95+ players to be honest.
    Always being prepared for anything is also very important to me so I try and get alot of things that may not even seem as requirements in this day and age, alot of people dont know about the current Partner SP's since they've never tried or heard of them or even bothered to research into them, since it came out I've had Daniel Ducats which increases gold earned depending on what rank its skills are, mine is currently A rank with 35% gold increase at a 30% chance when it uses a skill, if it succesfully activates, my gold increase will go to 93% (Gold Shell 25% + Illusionist Hat 20% + Daniel Ducats 35% + Act 6 C18 Book 3% + Fool Tarot 10%) Gold = 93% Increase.
    If I make my Daniel Ducats S buff im sure it'll go over 100%. You wont normally see me use Daniel in IC's because I just prefer having foxy with me at all times, but its extremely good for events like the Summer Event upcoming, although in another scenario I probably wont be able to use it because for Lola raids, Hongbi/Cheongbi seems like the best choice as the boss can knock you out of invisibility sometimes.