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    • Poro's "Art" Corner

      I would like to show some pictures I created. I like drawing in traditional way (crayons, watercolor, copic, and so on)
      and sometimes i like creating graphiks, like signatures, with gimp (just "playing" and testing out then)

      I really like drawing NosTale charakters! In the past I've won some Fanart Contests in Nostale.de Forum! :3
      Maybe there is anyone who like to watch some of my pictures i will show off here. Enjoy <3


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      Fanart Picture 9th Anniversary
      (for better view - open Pic in a new Tab)
      It took me so, SO much time and so, SO many nerves to get ALL SPECIALISTS on this TINY paper!!! xDDDD
      You can found any specialist (in male OR female) and for sure my lovely seraphim pet *_* <3

      Fun Fact: You will found a seraphim on any picture! I LOVE IT! <3 <3

      Spring Fanart

      New Year Fanart

      Random Picture (also spring time)

      NosTale Bushy Cake <3
      (Random Info: *~Yeria~* is my name in Nostale.de! :D)

      Other Stuff
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      Rainbow-Gijinka :D

      Caution: Some Pics are very old .(4/5 years+)... xD

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    • Hey <3

      I start drawing when I was a little chils of 4-5 years xD It's just a Hobby... ^^
      I tried digital art too but thats nothing for me,...im to dumb for digital art so at least I stay on my traditional things.... xDDDD

      The only digital thing I do is signatures (sometimes,...but im also not really good to do this. I mostly like to create signatures out of Screenshots)

      I did this one a long time ago (i have only GIMP for use)

    • *blows away the dust*

      Geeez i haven't draw anything for a long time and I haven't add some new pic here for longer xD
      So there we go, enjoy watching my lovely crap <3

      Pokémon <3
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      3 Color Challenge - I only used 3 Colors for this Pic.
      Ultramarine, Aliz Crim H & Cad Yellow H from Winsor & Newton Aquarell

      Pokémon Summer Theme - Articuno on Vacation! 8)
      I failed the Sansculpture XD It looks so flat lol

      Rainbow Themed

      Fanart Hetalia "Iceland" (for sure with Mr. Puffin ♥ *-*)

      Virtue Fantasy