Mage shells problems

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  • Mage shells problems

    I've heard that mages require special shells to work properlly.So if the new act6 equipment has random shells that doesn't seem right and it doesn't look like a good balance between classes.
    Tell me what you think or if I'm wrong..I want to start a mage and thinked at it yesterday about all and so and this thing came to me so..Tell me if I'm wrong :D
    Thank you for you're time :D

  • To be ohnest all classes really need the same stats except for things like crit inc and chance of crit inc and Undisturbed when casting spells but don't let the Undisturbed option bother you too much, when betting Act 6 equipment it's really random for anyone who wants to bet so no matter what class you are you cant guarantee anything to certainly appear, but I do think the average PvP stats are common to appear as long as you bet your weapon/armour to R7 or even R8. For the Non PvP stats, they are the most random when it comes to betting since there's tons of options so nothing to expect from them.