KonataTV says hi :D

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    • KonataTV says hi :D

      Hi everyone, I was always playing nostale since 2009 in esp server, since the server died for me ... I will start playing again on this acc that I created 1 year ago for youtube series.
      Also maybe someone is gonna ask: is that you KonataTV from youtube? From the esp server? Yes, its me. For that people do not know me I was top swordy and top archer of esp server in PVP and controversial player since the caligor starts. Some things changed in my mind, I do not go with the same attitude I start on esp server, I will only play for fun on this server. XD..I have to learn soo much ... but its ok I will improve a lot to learn the language.
      Whatever, Hi everyone: D

      (Btw my nickname on this server is KonataTVOrg archer 87 atm)