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  • Hey all!
    I made a swordie lv 78, I have a good monk, r6+8 set,and I feel he's not that fun..
    My question:Which class would be fun to try the whole game from lv1-99?I kinda tried all of them but I really don't know which one to main..
    Many tell that the game changes a lot after lv 90 but I don't see would could change that much..
    Thank you that you spend time for me!
  • I think every class is able to have fun with, you could try out all the other specialists, monk is not the only one. And when you finished the 8 normal sps, try the jajamaru (it is really op with swordi).
    I have all three classes to lv79+ and when one class gets boring I just change the class. Of course, I have to pay for all three chars the equip, ressistances and specialists, but I think it is worthy.
    I do not know if you tried mage yet, but learn which equipment is really good (for example: 43 wand instead of 45 wand) and try to do the whole game only with auramage. This is really fun. You can also try to build your char in a way you really like it: Send your Aegir to the miniland and buy a partner you like the looks. Do it with all the stuff you got and you will see, it may changes your gaming experience.
    Also try new things out! You only need 2 more levels to do the glacerus and ibrahim raid. Also you can do the act5 sidequests or farm in fc.
    What about challenges for yourself? "Build all lv45 ressistances on your own", "Build 85/88 norm equipment on r7+8", "How many cubyseals are possible with just one character? (one guy had almost 100 seals)" or try to level to a level without doing the act1 quests nor lod.

    Have fun trying new things and classes!
  • Props to you, first person at lvl 70 bracket I've seen decently geared in a long time. I'd say the game isn't fun at 78 because there aren't that many active mains that are within the lvl 70 bracket, and that current game modes are catered toward 90+ (sp raids, 5.2 raids, etc.). I'd say work on stocking gold for 92/93 eq then once you have a decent set power lvl to 90. 90 to 93 isnt that hard so investing in a nice 90 set isnt cost effective.

    The game literally does change after 90+ since 90 is the standard to being able to do anything current in the game - act 5.2/act 6/fc raids in fams (to keep up with action points!)
    Furthermore, another reason why people prefer certain classes is to use that as the "main" they use in raids while leeching with alts or due personal play styles. For example, I don't use a mage main since I don't want to bother figuring out sps/combos for sps I'd use in pvp + base hp is a bit too low for my personal liking.

    99 is kinda pointless in my opinion...I have a 98 swordie a 92 archer and 86 mage. With the introduction of act 6 quest, vahalla pt 1 to 3 you can get exp so fast outside of mobbing. In my opinion, if you wanted to have "fun" in leveling 1 to 99 I'd say mage would probably prove to be most fun/challenging. Archer is just wk nonstop, swordie is monk primarily. Mage....archmage/tl?
  • Thank you both for your answer!It helped me a lot, and I would want to have your names in game.BTW there are lv 78s (I alerdy know 2 swordies) which have at least 2 sps+15 and r7+8 eqs, so yeah there are few which I can have fun with :D
  • Unlike other games Nostale dosent have alot of classes but have 3 that can accomplish almost any role.
    If you are into : Warriors,Knights,Monks,Gladiators,Paladins,Sword using,close attack and heavy armour.
    You should play Swordsman,he can be melee dps,long rage dps,tank and off-heal.
    If you are into : Marksmans,Shooters,Hunters,Demon Hunters,Assasins,Rogues,Longest range possibile,heavily specialized in damage and very fast.
    You should play Archer,he can be long rage dps,meleedps and off-tank(with right gear).
    If you are into : Sorcerers,Priests,Damage over time Mage,Witch doctor,Water summoner,or anything related to magic.
    You should play Mage,he can be healer,off-tank(with the right gear) and magic damager.
    Magic damage attacks works different from other games,they dont have a specific range(can be both melee or long rage) but they are mostly vulnerable to elements resistance and you need a very good fairy and great gear to deal the biggest damage out of the all 3.
    Also there is a catch,you are never able to land a critical attack but you never miss the target,also at lower levels you can be intrerupt while casting spells just by being hit before you can use the spell.Ofc later you will a undisturbed shell that will help you alot.
    Now just think about a mmorpg class from what i said that you would like to play and go for his Nostale counterpart.
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  • Hello. My main is 93mage and i think mage is reaaly nice, i have lots of fun with him. But atm he has worst AW equip. And because on my server is hard to find tanks, i will exp my alt war to 90 too, just for creating raids, because I really llike raids xP and with mage i cant tank.