DG PvE Build Question (Yes, DG for PvE)

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  • Use a mix, and you definitely want some attack for the accuracy and critical buffs but majority of pve benefits pretty well from element. Plus the better your equipment gets, the better element works for you(since your weapons attack power boosts the element damage you get). If you are only using level 60 equipment or something though you should probably stick to mostly attack.
  • For a good build, you should give your equipment, the shells, the "area" of PvE (fc light raid for example).

    I think Dg with a nice atk build will deal nice crits, but all the mage weapons have low crits, so maybe that is not the best idea.

    Yusako wrote:

    Elemental DMG = ((Equipelement + Buffelement + Skillelement + fairydmg) * (1+elementary advantag bonus%))*(1-ressistance%)
    fairydmg = (grounddmg + 100) * (fairy % + elementarybuildbonus)
    That means, that if your enemy has more than 100% ressistance, you won't do any elemental dmg. In PvE, you most likely do elemental DMG the whole time. So the higher you get with your level, the better is an elemental build because your equip does enough ground dmg.

    At lvl90+ I would skill the dg for pve (if your dg and shell is good enough) with 70/0/70/x. The amount of points you put into hp/mp is just a thing of personal preference, if you do not need any, you should put the other points to element, because that will increase your dmg the best way.