Does anyone else can't login?

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    • Does anyone else can't login?

      Hello guys!

      I wanna know if anyone else can't login to NosTale.
      I know there is people that can login without problems because I asked to some friends in UK and they have no problem. And since no one else is posting a problem I'm starting to assume this is only happening to me.

      Yesterday I could login, today I can't.
      What changed between yesterday and today?
      I know we have a new maintenance, but according to its maintenance post* it should be over.
      There is no a new patch, because when I started the game it didn't downloaded anything.

      I don't have problems to reach the login screen. But once I introduced my account data it seem to do something but then it clear my account data and it doesn't do anything else.

      I'm wondering if this is a ISP problem. But I don't have problems to access and login to NosTale's Website or Forum.

      I'll appreciate if someone can tell me how to solve this access problem. Ty.

      Btw... I'm from Argentina.

      Re-installing NosTale don't solve my access problem.

      * Maintenance Post: Maintenance - 20.04.17 (Thursday)