AM and Sader

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  • AM and Sader

    I am here to complain about AM's skill Fast Lane apply only to first hit and then is gone, while the Sader's skill Triple Charging doesn't apply only to first hit, why ? Is that maybe racism ? I want you to fix that problem, either you make Triple Charging like Fast Lane or vice versa. I like playing on mage so I feel discriminated for that skill :minigun:
  • Umm, you can not call it racism or personal discrimination. It isn't racism because they are fictional characters on a fictional planet that is not much like ours at all so even if something were racist in the game(like catsie and kovolt hatred) it doesn't translate to racism towards any real humans. It also isn't personal discrimination because the developers are not aware of your existence and are therefore incapable of discriminating against you.

    I apologize if that seemed rude or anything, not trying to be. You did have a question mark after asking if it was racist though, and since you said you feel discriminated against I thought it best to assure you that that is not the case.
  • Kovalsky wrote:

    I calculated it For lod.. you do with a 63 Wand and 67 weapon more damage than with 85 Wand and 67 weapon. Just because of fast lane
    Well, it's not really complicated, it sums with the attack increases like those on weapons. If you have x% chance to have +x% attack, with the buff you'll have 100% chance to have x% (+ % of the buff, i don't remember how much).

    But as said the author, it's only for 1 hit... Considering the length of the buff and its cd compared to Crusader buff, clearly it's not better.

    This SP has so much things that need to be changed anyway. xD
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  • At third fast lange it is at 50% extra damage. For first, I think it was 10 oder 20.
    Even the one hit should kill a skeleton or at least damage half of the life points.
    Also, if you do skeletons, you have to lure before you can damage and that is the time where you can wait for third fast lane.
    If you kill the giants (I forgot the english name), you can time it when you wait fpr respawn to get third fast lane. Otherwise, let us be honest, you do not need fast lane that much, either you have equip that gives you this boost either (like 79 wand or 63) or you'll have the lv85 wand, which drains enough light ressistence

    Also third lane ist calculated by YouTube Attack damage, which means that you get more Attack dmg AND elemental dmg. Charging only adds 50% to your final dmg. If you use a fibi+ Attack Pot + Santa head you will receive 35% more damage. Thats fairly enough, I think.
    Fast lane also adds Up to your weapons. If I remember correct you will do with 90 Wand, 67 weapon and third lane 130% more dmg. Crusibuff only gives 50%

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