Question about the game

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  • Question about the game

    Hey people, i just have a few questions about the game. I played a long time ago and seeing it still being played and based on the forum it seems to be still kinda active so my question is what is it about the game that people like and why is i still active?

    Also, does anyone know what game engine it uses and how the client side was made and what database it uses?

  • I can tell my viewpoint about Nostale.(I don't know if it's similar with others but this is why i play Nostale).
    The First thing it comes in my mind is the game interface.
    It's very simplistic and player friendly and also small,you understand everything in the very first minute,the maps are small and traveling is fast until later on(act5,6).
    Other thing i like about the game its the fact that its not "playtodeath" like others are,the xp is quite high while the downside of this is the fact that the storyline have alot of plot holes and is just bad.
    Also there is alot of things to do,pvp,pve or pvp combined with pve,whortless to say there are many updates which also makes the majority of the players to stay and play this game because they like it.
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
    ~Running through my head~
    ~Running through my head~

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  • Pinkamena's right. Plus, it depends from your approach: since very important things are sold only with ND, you'll have to buy them from others, which will raise the prices for more gold possible. This doesn't make the game difficult, just slow. If your claims are too high (without use real money) you'll notice the game's like try to exit from a giant pudding; most important thing is make friends, enter a guild and have fun with them. Then, an hour of grinding/farming wil pass like five mins by playing alone.