Old player returning

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    • Old player returning

      Hello there everyone as the title says i am an old player who thought about coming back and give nostale a try again !
      i think i started nostale around 2008/2009 i was pretty young around that time and havent played since :P
      theres no much to say about me i am 19 year old who studies economics i enjoy gaming like most here

      I have 2 serious questions
      1.Is the game still populated as much as it used to be ? are IC's a deadtown or filled with players like old times ?
      2.Since i have forgotten my past account i thought of starting fresh it would be a better experience aswell
      what do you think would be the best fresh char to start wit hthat will have low costs on eq and all that !
    • Id definitely go with archer as first char :D Id say just try earning much gold to get yourself a mount and until you can be able to wear an assasin ( sp2 for archer) to use in FC to hunt ice flowers and possibly get 1 stack per hour which is aroung 500k-800k er stack depending on market price.and once youget enough gold to buy a wk. you can do lods / other stuff which can get you much more decent amount of gold.
      DISCLAIMER: this is only my opinion,ofcourse you can ask other people about theirs
      goodluck on your journey through nostale! Welcome back m8 :beer:
    • it wasn't per hour, a stack of ice flowers can take much longer than that. It all kinda depends on fc activity at the time. Personally I'd prefer spamming ts81 over hunting ice flowers but that's just cause I like being stable. But at lower levels that's probably the quickest way to make gold since you can do that starting at level 30 I believe. Making raid seals can also be good for gold. Above all make sure you participate in events, especially pirate and winter, so you can get some good pets to help you out.
    • pts 45-55 + ics is also a good way to get them not having to click around the whole map for hours to get ice flows. For pts -I suggest you make 2 accounts , 1 being level 45 which can open pts . You can use the 2 of them for the pts provided u have a soloer for the pts. 1 pts stone cost about 15-18k while the hms are about 6-7k each. With 2 accounts you can get 80k gold per pts and 60 gills. U can collect all the gills and later on buy crystal refiner from malcolm to produce cellas which is about 30-35k a stack.crystal refiner also gives u the chances of getting half moons which is used for pts aswell as full moons and other crystals which can be worth some thousands of gold each.hope this helps :) gl