Another Hack is in the town

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  • Another Hack is in the town

    So i casually logged in today and i was like i could farm some Ice Flowers so i went on the ship for FC.

    So 5 mins later i came in FC and started my search for the Ice Flowers right when i entered the 1st map ( Devil Side ) i saw a flower right in front of me only a few steps away so i started to gather the flower and a mob interupts me, nothing unusual, so i killed it and started to gather the flower again but a second later it dissapeared. At 1st i was thinking it has to be a bug or something didnt pay much attention i checked the user list and there was only a lvl 16 guy so no one invisible could be there. So i went on and saw another flower and right when i saw it it dissapeared so i searched further and yeah every time i got a glimps on one of the flowers it dissapeared right away even when it spawned almost right next to me. And still on the map was only the lvl 16 guy. I started to search for him to see whats he doing, I searched every inch of the whole map and guess what, didnt see anyone so i searched the whole map all over again 2-3 times, nobody to see and the flowers keep dissapearing. Idk i cant explain it myself but yeah now theres random dudes in town popping and selling stacks of ice flowers. Seems a bit smelly to me. Tho its just me and my oppinion idk if anyone else had that kind of experience.