Specialists Hunger Games V.5

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    • Specialists Hunger Games V.5

      "Ladies and gentlemans"
      "Im hounoured to present you the 5th edition of the Specialists Hunger Games"
      RULES :
      You must eliminate a sp through posting an event which describes a battle,an assasination or a suicide,whatever you write, one specialists must be killed at the end of your post and therefore will be eliminated from the contest.Only one can be killed in each post and you cannot revive specialists.Naming them is optional.Also the winner always gets an headstart of being introduced in the games after the first 9 deaths,the user who nake the final post that dcide the winning specialist can decide where the Next SPHG will be hosted.
      The location of this year is Mt.Kream aka ACT 2(Including caves).
      Wild Keeper skips the first 9 deaths since he won the last SPHG and he enters when 19 sp's remains in game.
      What has changed ?
      Now there is a rule to prevent cheap posts and spamming,in order for a post to be valid it needs to contain atleast 25 lines(dialogue is allowed ofc).
      Also Santa Claus visited NosPanem and beg us to spare atleast 2 lifes in this cruel arena and after hours of begging we accepted.

      Thats right the last 2 standing in this story will be the winners and the final post will be a battle beetwen 3 sp's(from now on this will be permanent ruleand no longer will be favouritism)
      Both will be places as 1st,the normal 3rd a SPHG would have is now 2nd and the 4th is 3rd.
      With no more time wasting Let's Begin !

      The Beginning

      All the participants are set to their places waiting for the game to start.
      When Suddenly an Announcement is made.
      Announcer : "Celebrating 5 editions of SPHG we decided that this year 2 participants will be declared winners,it dosen't matter who the last 2 will be"
      Jasmine(Holy) and Jasper(Blade) stares at eachother.
      The Blade looks optimistic while the beautifull sorceress look saddened.
      "Whats wrong ?" Jasper whispered.
      "I can't believe we finally have a chance to win this togheter" Jasmine responded.
      "I believe we can do it " Jasper smiled.
      The Crowd went silent all of sudden.
      The Countdown started.


      "The battle starts"
      Mt.Kream is full of possible hideouts and it seems like everybody was running with someone else to the hideouts.
      Jasper takes Jasmine by her hand and rush to the Deep Cave.
      "Here we will be safe" says Jasper
      "Are you sure" says Jasmine

      "Yeah,let's just wait until some people are killed" says Jasper.
      *The Time goes by but no cannon is heard.*
      "Im hungry" says Jasmine.
      "Me too,Wait here i will go look for some food." says Jasper.
      Leaving the cave Jasper saw some beans nearby and go foreward to take them,when suddenly....
      "HI-YAH "!
      "Who are you" says Jasper terrifed by the jumpscare.
      "Im the mighty Jajamaru and i wil take that beans" says Jaja.
      "I don't think so" replied Blade.
      Thetwo of them start to fight,Jasper throw his sword at him and with an incredible speed he dashed at him making a triple strike,whil Jaja was just throwing shurikens at him and when he prepare to summon Kampagun,Jasper sharpen his sword quick and hit him criticaly killing him instantly.
      Jasper take the beams and rush to the cave where the Holy Mage wait for him.
      Jajamaru is out,27 remains.
      Have Fun ! ^^
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Backstabbed.

      Death reaper versus Renegade.

      Mind that the renegade switches fairy and personality.

      'Renegade? Where are we going?'
      'We are heading for Shanera, it's my new secret base. I formed an alliance with some of the other specialists. My new throne is in the labyrinth of Pain'
      'But... are we allies?
      'Yes we are, that is the reason why I want to lead you to my base.'
      Death reaper followed the Renegade via Eastern Krem towards the Hidden Path.
      It was almost night. The sun had set. It was hard to navigate in the dark.
      Renegade's light fairy was shining brightly in the dark surroundings.
      A small pig attacked them. Renegade slashed it and they went camping at the tent they set up in Eastern Krem.
      The night passed, but it was still before dawn when the renegade and the DR went to the Hidden Path.
      'Renegade.. why are you... leading me to the base at this time of the day? Can't we wait a little more?'
      'We can't... Wildkeeper might be spying on us when it is light... All of his servants... the animals are sleeping now...'
      They went into the hidden path.The crystals on the wall gave a faint source of light.
      They were almost at the end of the path when suddenly all the crystals stopped glowing.
      One of the gates collapsed.
      Death reaper started panicking.
      'Rene.. gade.?'
      The light of his bright fairy extinguished. The silhouette of the renegade had also disappeared.
      'I am... right here...'
      Death Reaper felt a stab in his back.
      One slash... No. Two...
      Death reaper used infinite armour and tried to grab his scythe.
      Renegade attacked him... once more... twice...
      Death reaper swung his scythe.
      He hit Renegade in the shoulder. He started bleeding.
      It was not enough to give the final blow. Renegade attacked again. He stabbed again...in the back of Death Reaper right in his lungs.
      It was the final blow. Death reaper fell down and stopped breathing.
      Suddenly the light went on. The fairy of the Renegade started shining again.
      Voices of ghosts could be heard.
      'he was backstabbed... by his ally...'
      Renegade looked around.
      'What... Have I done?!?'
      Renegade hid the body of the Death Reaper in the Labyrinth of Pain and he talked to his other allies.
      'Ehm... I accidentally killed this one... '
      'He was never our ally to begin with. You did nothing wrong'
      She spoke, but her appearance remained hidden.

      Death Reaper is out.
    • Unexpected Fate.
      After Blade collect the beams,he returns to the deep cave.
      But he will have a big surprise the Holy Mage wasn't there.
      He was shocked and start mumbling as he heard not long ago the cannon but wasn't jajamaru one it was definetly other death.
      "No this can't happen" said Jasper.
      He rushed outside and start searching for Jasmine.
      Meanwhile the Holy Mage was just too hungry to wait for Jasper returned so she hunted a wolf and prepared herself to bring it to the cave when suddenly.
      "Where do you think you are going" shout Crusader.
      "I don't want any trouble" reply Jasmine.
      "Well i will have that wolf,thank you" says Crusader.
      "NO !" reply Jasmine.
      "What ? the preety girl know to talk",Crusader start laughing.
      "I saw you at the training camp,you are nothing without Blade by your side" Crusader laugh intensify almost manniacaly.
      "Whats the problem,can't hold your tears ?" Crusader insists.
      Jasmine starts crying.
      "You know what i think im gonna kill you and take it by myself" says the Crusader.
      "ENOUGH" replys Holy Mage.
      Jasmine starts summoning the giant hammer under her holy weapon and blessing dealing significant damage to crusader then she proceeds to holy light and start harrasing him with her holy attack,the Crusader starts getting mad and start fighting back casting triple strike and the giant cross and decides to kill her but the Holy mage last magic spell hit him so powerrfull that go through its head and destroy his brain killing the crusader.The 3rd cannon confirms his death.

      Jasmine remembers that she hard a cannon while she was hunting the wolf and with no more thinking she rushes to the deep cave.
      On her way she meets Jasper and have a moment of relief.
      "Jasmine !"
      "Jasper !"
      "Did someone hurt you ?" says Jasper.
      "Im ok,did someone hurt you ?" reply Jasmine.
      "Who cares ?",the blade start crying on holy mage shoulder.
      "I do.",the Holy mage whisper silently.
      The 2 of them go and rest in the Deep Cave.
      Crusader is out.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Servant of darkness

      Darkgunner( from this on DG´s name should be Bellatrix) sighed. She was hidding in Western Krem, hoping in avoiding fight atleast for couple of days.
      I am still weak. I need power. My servant,fill me with power of your enemies, and you shall me victorious... A dark, cold voice resonated in Bellatrix´s head.
      She knew who was talking to her. The one who gave her magical powers. Very dark ones.
      "My master, your servant is ready to follow your will. I shall bring you the power you are in need of."
      Good. Now,let them game begin... Bellatrix smiled. Her smile was cold and creepy.
      "Lets have some fun."
      Bellatriy practised on animals. She realised that she is able to steal power and send it directly to her master.
      "Too easy. Nobody can stand in my master´s way!" she looked around dead animals. She grabbed some turtles and made soup. For second meal she had a wolf.
      "How delicious.I hope others are starving."
      Servant....animal power is not enough...you must kill specialist...bring me their power. his voice echoed through Bellatrix´s dreams.
      She woke up immediately. " I will do as you say, master."
      Pirate was walking through Western Krem recklessly. He loved adventures and this seemed to be great hide and seek in caves! But suddenly he found plenty of dead animals. And ground around was poisoned. Air smelled by deep dark magic. Suddenly everything darkened. Pirate sensed danger.
      " Who is there?"
      "Awwww such stupid question.If you have to ask..." Bellatrix revealed herself.
      He recognized her. Her dark red, long hair. Her black suit. And those mad eyes.
      " Y-y-you?"
      "Hmh. I suppose expecting something smart from you is waste of time.But dont worry. Your death will serve to great purpose!"
      "Oh yea?!"
      Pirate came to his senses. He grabbed his gun and sword and rushed to kill Bellatrix.
      However, she was prepared. She dodged his attack and waved with her hand. Cloud of dark energy entered Pirate´s body.
      " My power...it is draining...HELP MEEEEE" he cried for help,but it was too late. Almost all of his power was drained. Bella grabbed gun and shot him. Pirate was dead.
      More power...i want more power...
      "Yes,master!" she smiled and decided to find her hideout in one of caves.
      "Nobody shall escape my wraith."

      Pirate is out
    • Another cannon is heard which awakes Jasper and Jasmine.
      They start to check eachother to see if they are alright.
      Jasmine : Thank God you are ok.
      Jasper : Im so happy nothing happend to you.
      Jasmine : I am scared, Jasper.
      Jasper : I am too but for now all we can do is stay hidden until only one remains outside.
      Meanwhile a fighting is heard outside.
      Jasmine : Shhh,Look !
      Red Mage seemed that she was running from someone,she had a strange debuff that on her,something that made her defence drop.
      Jasper we shall help her,said Jasmine.
      Shuush,says Jasper.
      The Red Mage look exhausted and she started look around to see if that person is still around then she looks infront of her but in that very moment something happens.

      The Berserker dashes so quickly and ruthlessly killed the red mage.
      Jasmine was scared and almost start screaming.
      Jasper put his hands on her mouth.
      We don't wanna get noticed.Please stop talking. whisper Jasper.
      The Berserker looked furious he started running from the scene.
      Red Mage is out.
      After Berserker left,Blade and Holy started talking normally.
      Jasper : We can't stay here anymore.
      Jasmine : Yeah lets go and find another cave to hide.
      Right after they left the cave an announcement is made.
      "Dear competitors,After an unrequested long time to survive during last specialists hunger games we decided to not add any extra overpowered mutaded creatures and instead we will give you 3 days to perform the very least 1 kill otherwise the trackers that all of you have in your hand will explode with no victor this year,yes in this edition the trackers are accompinied with microbombs,triyng to remove the trackers from your hand will resultin disqualification,therefore the tracker will explode and you will die insantly,that will be all,May the odds be ever in your favour."
      Jasmine sits down and start crying.
      Jasper takes her by her hand and tells her"We don't have time to worry now we need to go to Misty valley to hide.
      Blade and Holy Mage starts running to Misty Valley.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Roasted by the fire of Justice

      Warrior versus Chicken.

      It was a rainy day in Krem, the Koarens all searched for a spot to hide from the rain.
      There were two specialists in their town, looking for a shelter as well.
      None of the koarens were in a good mood and they refused to let the specialists in their comfortable and warm homes.
      The two fled into the Noscamp cave.
      Anni and Doggo were in a discussion.
      The chicken did his cry.
      The two looked at him and stopped arguing.
      '' Can Justitia and I please hide here to hide from the rain? "
      Anni whispered something to Doggo.
      "Only one can stay, Chucky You two need to fight it out"
      They both hesitated but they were both too tired to look for another shelter.
      Warrior used provoke on Chicken while Chicken kicked the Warrior.
      Warrior dodged with her iron skin and used scare away.
      The Chicken ran away but came back with a new attack.
      It was critical. Justitia was heavily wounded by the scratch and kick from Chucky.
      She didn't give up.
      She wanted to win although she had to betray her friend.
      Justitia stood up and leaned on her sword.
      She twirled and threw her sword into the sky.
      Because of the friction between the air and the sword, the sword caught fire.
      She jumped and caught the burning sword.
      She tumbled in the air and pierced Chucky under an angle of 45 degrees.
      His body caught fire and he turned into a snack for the Koarens.
      Fried chicken of 300g from Eva.
      "He was burned by the fiery fire of justice!"
      Anni smirked and congratulated Justitia.
      "Well done my girl, here is your reward."
      Anni handed 1m gold to Justitia.
      The voices of ghosts could be heard again.
      " The Chicken lost because of bribery! Justitia killed him for money"
      The warrior did not listen to those voices and jumped into the bed Anni had prepared for her.

      Chicken is out
      (edit: I accidentally wrote Nosmage instead of Noscamp L M A O)

      (Justitia means justice in latin)
    • Outside is beautifull day.
      The sun is shining, the birds are singing, but it will be even more beautifull if it werent for the sound of the clashing swords in arena.
      The Pyjama is walking in around noscamp when he suddenly sees a dead chicken.
      "OMG" says Pyjama and starts crying.
      He notices the warrior that just woke up from her bed.
      If she see me im dead,says Pyjama.
      An briliant ideea comes to his mind.
      She can't kill me if im alredy dead ! mumbles Pyjama and start playing dead.
      Justitia come across and see him,hmm another dead but i didnt heard the cannon,says Justitia.
      I can't be dumb i swear i didn't heard any cannon,Justitia continues to walk away.
      The Pyjama wakes up and starts making a sound of relief.
      When Suddenly Jasmine and Jasper arrive at the noscapm and pyjama fakes his dead again.
      Weird,i didnt heard any cannon tonight,whisper Jasmine.
      We don't have time,replies Jasper.
      They continue to walk away.
      Pyjama wakes up again just to see the berserker comming around.
      Hah,Neither War,Blade nor Holy did noticed me, this guy will surely don't care.
      The berserker went fast and did a sonic rush and then an Adrenaline strike on the poor Pyjama who didn't had time to say something.
      The pyjama remained at the ground but this time he was dead.
      A cannon is heard.
      The berserker smiles and continue to walk his route.
      Meanwhile Jasmine and Jasper were cooking a pig in their cave when they heard the cannon,Jasper was happy that he knows that he and Holy will be able to live another 3 days but Jasmine wasn't so happy.
      And like 5 minutes after another cannon is heard.
      Both of them stopped eating and start looking worried at each other.
      Like something bad is about to happen.
      Who killed and who was killed ? only the next post will tell.
      Pyjama is out.
      20 remaining specialists,after the next kill,the wild keeper will join the game.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Avenging? Angel?

      Cannon shooter versus Avenging Angel versus Blade versus Demon Hunter
      Jasmine and Jasper stood still for a moment.
      The atmosphere was... weird... They both sensed danger. The blade, calm but unpredictable like water went outside. He sensed the other three elements. The light of an angel who descended. The fiery heat from a blazing cannon and the darkness of demons. Blade immediately used his charge shield and dodged the attacks of the three.
      After that he turned around and injured all three of the specialists that attacked him and left a nasty cut. He ran back to the cave in which holy was still eating.
      "They came for us! Demon Hunter, Fire Cannonneer and Avenging angel! Three archers.. What should I do?"
      The blade looked like he was panicking. The holy mage thought and came with a plan.
      "I will ask the divine powers to help us to stir up the relationship between those 3."
      Jasmine and Jasper then retreated to the 'green zone'. They closed all the gaps in the cave and when they were sure that nobody was listening, watching or sensing, the two sacrificed the rest of their meal.
      "Oh divine power, grant our wish. Please stir up the the relationship between the three archers."
      "Jasmine, your wish has been granted. The three archers will now fight eachother."
      "Thank you divine power."

      Blade ran outside again. He saw the three archers. in case the divine power had betrayed him he used his suck attack power skill again, but no counter attack came. It worked.
      He took out his cellphone and called holy mage.
      "Which one do you want to take down? "
      "Avenging Angel"
      "Okay understood"
      The blade then sharpened his blade and dashed towards the angel. The poor guy already had trouble with defending against the other two. He could hardly handle the third one against him. The blade stabbed the AA, but it was not deep enough to cut through the skin. However, from the back he was attacked as well. A heavy weight fell down from the air. He was knocked to the ground by the cannon of CS. CS fired a bullet while Demon hunter tried to kill CS. However, the CS swung her cannon again and hit the demon hunter who was unconcious for a while. She focussed on the Avenging Angel again. Another bullet. Another one. Avenging angel tried to stab the CS, but CS quickly teleported and fired another 3 blazing bullets. AA was hit and his skin started to burn. Slowly but surely the fire was eating his soul.
      "You are fated to die here"
      The cannonshooter looked at him with her emerald green eyes that seemed to be on fire.
      Avenging angel was severely injured, but was not yet dead. He tried one last time.. he tried to stand up, to fight again, but the cannonshooter swung her cannon once again and caused a bone fracture in the chest of the AA.
      "This... is the end"
      Avenging Angel's heart stopped working. A cannon sounded. It was not the one of the Cannonshooter. It was the one announcing his death.
      Cannonshooter and Demon hunter retreated.
      AA is out!

      19 left.?
    • Announcer : 20th participant is preparing to enter the arena.
      Announcer : Transfer completed.
      The wild keeper didn't waste time and started climbing in a nearby tree and start waiting for someone to be its prey.
      Meanwhile Jasmine an Jasper decide to stay out of the cave because outside was just too beautifull.
      Ofcourse Cannon Shooter and Demon Hunter were still a threat while the mysterious berserker was still on the loose.
      But nobody can stay in a cave forever.
      Nearby Shanera dungeon a sound of battle is heard.
      The Renegade and the Tide Lord were fighting.
      It wasn't much of a fight anyway from the moment started to abuse his fairy switch ability.
      Te Tide Lord tried to do his best summoning a shark summoning sirens and even a whale but it seems that the Renegade always manage to dodge them and also was very resistent to them since he was using his dark element fairy.
      Both Jasmine and Jasper were secretly watchging from afar using Holy mage clairvoyance.
      Demoralized and in tears the Tide Lord surrenders.
      The Renegade make a evlish smile.
      However he forgets to change his fairy from light to dark this time and something unexpected happen.
      The Berserker dashed quickly and applied him an electric shock dealing huge ammount of damage.
      The Tide Lord seeks the chance and use his lighting ability ultimately killing the Renegade.
      The body of Renegade drops on the floor next to the mad Berserker.
      The Berserker was angry because he wasn't the killer and his mask started shining with an red energy.
      The Tide Lordretreaded imediately at the sight of his wrath.
      However the Berserker didn't chase him and he continue his serial killing spree.
      Jasmine and Jasper watched everything.
      Jasmine : I have a bad feling about him.
      Jasper : He would have made a big advantage in our favor if he was by our side.
      Jasmine : That's not possible,i also readed his mind which is full of hatred because of the loss of someone he loved,she participated in one of the fellow Specialists Huger Games but i can't recall who.
      Jasper : Dosen't matter,the best is to avoid him at all cost.
      Jasmine : Agree,now let's go back to the Deep Cave.
      Renegade is out.
      Now its 19 left acttualy,sorry for my bad counting at the start,but let's just assume the introduction of wild keeper is after the death of the Renegade and it will make sense.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Kovalsky wrote:

      I am really sorry to just post here. I wanted to ask for the rules of this game and if I could join
      Bassicaly every post eliminates an sp through a story where 2 sp's fight eachother.
      You describe a fight beetwen 2 specialists and when you finish your post one of them dies,we keep doing this until only 2 of the sp's remains(used to be 1 only but we consider this a special edition).
      The story must be related to the previous posts so you can't bring back to life sp's that already died in this thread,so far those are out of the contest :
      Jajamaru,Death Reaper,Crusader,Pirate,Red mage,Chicken,Pyjama,Avenging angel and Renegade.
      The rest are still in the contest :)
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Mage sp's :
      Sp 1 - Red Mage.(X)(24)
      Sp 2 - Holy Mage.(X)(16)
      Sp 3 - Blue Mage.(X)(10)
      Sp 4 - Dark Gunner.(X)(19)
      Sp 5 - Volcano.(Winner)
      Sp 6 - Tide Lord.(X)(18)
      Sp 7 - Seer.(X)(15)
      Sp 8 - Archmage.(X)(13)
      Archer sp's :
      Sp 1 - Ranger.(X)(8)
      Sp 2 - Assasin.(X)(17)
      Sp 3 - Destroyer.(X)(11)
      Sp 4 - Wild Keeper.(X)(7)
      Sp 5 - Cannon Shooter.(X)(12)
      Sp 6 - Scout.(X)(4)
      Sp 7 - Demon Hunter.(X)(9)
      Sp 8 - Avenging Angel.(X)(21)
      Swordsmen sp's :
      Sp 1 - Warrior.(X)(3)
      Sp 2 - Ninja/Blade.X(2)
      Sp 3 - Crusader.(X)(26)
      Sp 4 - Berserker.(X)(5)
      Sp 5 - Gladiator.(X)(6)
      Sp 6 - Monk.(X)(14)
      Sp 7 - Death Reaper.(X)(27)
      Sp 8 - Renegade.(X)(20)
      For all classes :
      (X) means they were eliminated.
      The numbers represent their place.
      RNG results :
      13-Archmage.(thanks God i really hated him).
      10-Blue Mage.
      9-DH.(too bad).
      7-Wild Keeper.
      5-Berserker.(Thanks God he got a good place).
      3-Warrior(Last of RPG and 3rd place).
      For the first time a fire sp won SPHG too,nice.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Master of darkness.

      Cassandra smiled as she looked at Bellatrix. She smiled about her stupidity and the strength Bellatrix gives to Cassandra. No one knows that in fact Bellatrix does not give her strength to any dark goddess, but to Cassandra. Cassandra just has to blink with her eye and Bellatrix profits a bit, but the dark magician never sees the real power Cassandra could give her, but instead Cassandra owns and get from Bellatrix.
      Now that she knows that all participants arrived she decides to start her lane of blood, destruction and power. At her first order she had to kill Bellatrix because if she wants to win this battle, she will need her whole power. With a little spell she told Bellatrix where to go.
      [Bellatrix point of view]
      The voice in her head started to speak again. The voice of her loved master, the voice of all she needs, all she desires. But this time her goddess did not want power of a dead specialists, but she saw a place. She recognized the map, she studied and started to run at the Cave of ghosts (peak of mt. krem, where the beasts are), killing every living thing that was in her way. As she entered the cave, she asked her ghosts to give her strength, speed and better aim with her weapon, but her ghosts did not give her the strength she should had. Shocked by the refusal of her deamonic servants she spyed carefully through the cave, fearing to get killed.
      "What are you", Bellatrix shouted as she finally saw the beauty with her viollett hair, her long, black and violett dress and the fortune ball in her hands with violett nails. She repeated laughing: "Oh, nice to meet you Bellatrix. We talked very offen at each other, but never met." With this words Cassandra buffed a shield of pure darkness, teleporting right behind Bellatrix. "You are my god, my master", the girl replied, recognizing that her goddess is not a god, but wants to kill her. She turned aroung, firing with her magical weapon at the seer, trying to steal her shield. The seer just laughed. You are funny my little servant. As she said this, she buffed her shield again to hide behind a rock. She liked to play with her servants, but not with her enemys. She knew, that the cute dark mage will not stand any chance against her, so she just ported herself around, dodging the shouts Bellatrix casts at her. After a while of just dodging, teleporting and cruelly laughing she decided to end the fight. With a tremendous spell she summons 4 clones of herself, still with evil laughter. Bellatrix got pale, but stood still, because she was too afraid to move. Then all the four clones started spelling evil calls. At first a big holy hammer ran down on her, hitting her badly and her shadows extincted. The second clone let a big rock fall down on Bellatrix, she nearly catched fire, but fortunately she just got a deadly blackout. The third clone summoned a field under the dark gunner and Bellatrix got stuck in the plague she wanted to give Cassandra. The fourth and last clone casted a lance out of ice at the young lady.
      Bellatrix stud. She was damaged, nearly dead, but still alive. She tried to cast spells by herself, but the blackout let her stand still, not able to move. She started to cry as Cassandra casted a spell that drained all her last health and mana out of her demolished body. As she was so near to death, that she couldn't even stand a dander, cassandra vanished between the rocks.

      As Bellatrix could move again she tried to lay down on the ground to recover her health, but unfortunately a beast found her. She tried with the bit mana she restored to steal the health of the beast to run away, but with her bad concentration she got because of the exhausting fight, the spell missed and the beast jumped at her and lacerated the young lady. A cannon was heard.

      Dark Gunner is out.

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    • Jasmine and Jasper decided to go and start hunting.
      The holy mage was skeptical about this.
      But the blade was extremly hungry and finally convinced her.
      As long as we don't meet that berserker guy i say we are safe !
      Jasper start killing some pigs in Mt. Kream while the Holy Mage stayed and look at him.
      Jasper started to act silly mimic some jokes,Jasmine slightly smiles.
      Then suddenly from behind a powerfull force attack the Holy Mage.
      It was the berserker,Jasmine screamed !
      Upon hearing this, Jasper dash fast to her place to defend her and start to fight the berserker.
      It was in vain, berserker simply outsmart him and beat him.
      Meanwhile another specialist walks in,its the Tide Lord.
      Jasmine and Jasper barely make it out of berserker wrath and when the Tide Lord appeared they thought they will get aid,the truth was that he started to unleash his storm upon the 2 poor unfortunate souls.
      The berserker saw it and quickly dashed to him making his armour to break and start swinging his axe around the Tide Lord.
      Jasper seized the chance and run into Tide Lord and used his ultimate ability Dancing sword, killing the surprised Tide Lord.
      Tide Lord body falls to the ground.
      The berserker then look at the love birds.
      They were severly wounded and look like they could be an easy prey for him.
      But he laughs under his mask and then dissapears.
      "What that could mean ?" mumbles Holy Mage.
      "I don't know but i feel like i can't make it back to our refuge" replies Blade.
      "So he let us here to die by being killed by others Sp's ? How sick !", crys Holy Mage.
      "We can't go anywhere now,we must stay here and try to survive,but i have hope you will heal us in time !" says Blade.
      Jasper approach Jasmine and kiss her forehead.
      "I trust in you" says Jasper,then he quickly faints.
      Holy Mage started to cry and pray,while also healing him.
      Tide Lord is out.
      17 left.
      Who will be next to fall ? Only next post will tell.
      NOTE : After every post that kills a specialist,i will edit the post 13,so it's easier to know who SP's are still alive.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    • Meeting old friends

      The deadly lady was teleporting aroung as she noticed that something was wrong. She got a bit concious because the silence she heard was not the silence she expected. She expected to hear the songs of birds, the flooding of water, the death scream of pigs, killed by wolfes. But what she heard was absolute silence, not even her own feet made a noise, but she decided to not react to this silence. The Lady of death just moved on to her favorite place, the land of deaths.
      She was really young as she first discovered this place. Therefore, she was a fighter of light, a warrior with a thunderbolt out of light and hope and.. nevermind. She forced herself to stop the memories about her old life.. then corruption came op to her. Something was wrong with her, compared to the other mages, fighting in the land of death. With every skeleton she killed, with every drake she smashed, with every giant knight fallen to her feet, with every appereance of the dark horn, she absorbed something from the darkness. Instead of going to Malcom Mix to get some potions or holy magic to get rid of the darkness, she was fascinated by those dark powers and by the evil voices that cranked her head. The years passed and nobody noticed the slightly changes Cassandra made. No one recognized that she stopped laughing, no one saw what she did to her arms, no one listened to her, when she needed to talk. No one, except the dark voices in her head. At one day after she rampaged the whole land of deaths she just decided to quit. She wrote a message to Sarah, a young archer who wanted to be an assasin and her best friend, that she wanted to travel for burning sword to research new things about the icy flower oil. Then the dark lady just did her first teleport, summoning an armor of darkness, hate and evilness, sacrificing her holy dress to her new dark, violett robe and vanished into the darkness of a place she forgot because her hate made her brain blackout.
      While thinking about this, a little tear ran down her face, but suddenly this tear reminded her, why she came back to this place. After she activated her armor of death, she shoutet over the forest, she could saw from the sunset cliff:"I am not afraid. I am back again. Come and kill me". Before even noticing what happened to her she moved back without even noticing, remaining shocked. She moved, but at the moment she started to run, she noticed the blink of a blade and a deadly pain cutted through her whole thorax. Cassandra felt to the ground, now able to see who attacked her. It was Sarah. "You here?" Cassandra asked, suddenly completely clear in her head altough she was bleeding at her thorax. "As you can see", Sarah replied, with arrogancy in her voice, hitting Cassandra again and causing a critical bleeding. Then Cassandras old friend completely escalated, throwing a knife at her and shouted:" Why did you leave me? I hate you! I hope you die and I will make you bleed until you ask your demons to kill me AND you!". With this words Sarah started to stab Cassandra several times. Cassandra, now back with her full mental Skills, just started to laugh. "If you really want to kill me, you should get a better dagger. With this word she spelled words in an old language and suddenly Sarah lost all her timemanagement. This chance was optimal for her so she summoned a cage that felt down on Sarah and afterwards she spoke some hands that choked Sarah near to death.
      But instead of killing her old friend Cassandra decided to just vanish into the cliffs, while Sarah decided to search Jasmine, the only and last person she could trust, because holys (everyone knows about that) are good. She wanted to ask Jasmine for help, maybe an alliance, but at least she hoped to get a heal. After a long and sad walk she did invisible she finally found the nice young lady. "Hey Jasmi-" that moment the scared-to-dead holy summoned her hammer, killing the assasin.
      As Cassandra heard the cannon she started to cry:" I didn't want Sarah to die, why am I such a monster? What happened to me?" She sat down on a rock, whipping those tears away. "I wished I never went to the land of deaths, Oh why am I so bad?"
    • Holy mage remained shockd for a moment.
      Jasmine : Thanks God she is gone, she scared me to death !
      Jasper : What happened ?
      Jasmine : This nasty assasin tried to kill me but i managed to take her out first !
      Jasper : Thanks God you are alright!
      Outside a new specialist enters their cave !
      Carol the Demon Hunter appears infront of them.
      "Well,hello friends,how are you doing or should i say what are you doing ?" says Carol.
      "Who are you !" replies Jasper and Jasmine scared.
      "Just your new problem" Carol grins.
      He make a quick glimse at Holy and then run out of the cave laughing.
      "Why he did that ?" asked Jasper.
      Holy mage started to laugh.
      "Dear ?" asked Jasper again.
      Holy Mage laugh intensiefies almost manniacaly.
      "I don't understand" mumbles Jasper.
      "You are too stupid my darling" a black mist surrounds Jasmine as she reveales herself as the Seer !
      "WHAT YOU DID WITH MY LOVE !!!!!!!!" shouted Blade.
      "You know at first i didn't mean to kill her but when i saw her wasting her ultimate ability to such a weak target i couldn't resist,3 magic dark balls were enough to shut her down,poor girl",Seer make a gesture with her hand and vanishes.
      Jasper started to scream in agony.
      He cries uncontralably while drawing the attention of other specialists and also the attetion of Duncan the warrior.
      He approach him quietly and say "Hey dude are you ok ?"
      Blade rushed out of the cave in hurry he was running when she saw the body of the Holy Mage on the Floor.
      Without saying any other word he started running,Duncam simply stared at him having a weird look.
      Thats something you don't see daily,whisper Duncan in his mind.
      Holy mage is out.
      15 left.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Everyone deserves a second chance

      A stunning light shocked Cassandras eyes just after the blade could not see her anymore. There was no time for cassandra to spell her shield and vanish, because something, Cassandra still did not know what stunned her, spelled a charm and Cassandra feared, wanting to run away, could not attack the "thing" and her light resistance got reduced. That was the worst thing, because she knew, that she can resist a stun and even the fear will go away. But when her light resistance is reduced she was weak because all the time she trained in the lands of the frosty crown, she only needed a water resistance, sometimes fire. But there were not any enemys with the divine power of light or darkness. Now her fear got real, it was not only a stun anymore. Without her light resistance Cassandra was nearly defensless. Suddenly a golden and magic voice touched her ear. "Everyone deserves a second chance, huh? I do not want to spoil you, but Ancelloan told me, that your chance is already gone." Cassandra started to cry:"But what are you?" The voice spoke again:"I will teach you a lesson, I hope you will enjoy listening. At first there was Ancelloan, the master, the father. (In StarWars there is even something similar) He created everything and later he allowed the things to evolve. At first there where his two sons, and that is the point where it gets important for you. His daughter Erenia, a dark demon with strong dark powers started to fight her sister, the angelic goddess Zenas. This whole fight happened into the other world around mystic heaven. On our side of the world, where we live there where the humans, Catsys, Kovolts and Kenko. How they relate to each other is for this story not important. However, our world lived in peace, untill the war between the two daughters escalated and a crack, today known as the tree of Fernon made a Connection and with that an interaction with the other side possible. The evil Erenia send a will down to our world and a young magician got hit by her power and started to fight for her. Even tho Erenia is a deamon and not an angle this young magician fight with the powers of light. That explains why you changed from the good holy mage to a dark servant. I am telling you this, servant of my masters evil daughter, because I want you to know what I am and why you will die now." With the last words the voice of Ancelloan just got to a normal human voice and finally Cassandra was able to see who stunned her. It was Jasmine, but she somehow looked different. Instead of having her hair open, she weared it as a pigtail. Also it looked like she somehow lost some weight and instead of wearing her pink dress there was just a blue-metallic robe. Also instead of carrying a big wand she just held a book in her hand. "You are the archmage", Cassandra whispered, afraid oh what happened, "but how did you manage to.. do this?" Jasmine just took a deep breath:"Well, that is quite easy. After I died as a servant of Erenia, her father thought that my duty is not fullfilled and so he just decided to teach his deamonic daughter a lesson. The great father revived me, gave me new, better knowledge, stronger powers and the facelifting I deserved."
      Cassandra stuttered after listening to the sermon Jasmine just gave her. "D-Do You know, that you c-cannot w-win?" "I hear it" Ancelloan answered instead of Jasmine,"kill her now.", Ancelloan instructed Jasmine. Immediately the archmage spelled holy words, making her defense and attack stronger. Without even looking at the poor seer, Jasmine attacked her with a prisma, but the horror Jasmine hoped for did not hurt on Cassandra. "I AM NOT THAT WEAK", Cassandra shouted at the servant of Ancelloan, throwing dozens of evil blade of dark energy at her. Jasmine managed to dodge a few of those blades, but the most of them hit her directly. With every Blade that hitted on her, she lost a part of her health. As her health got stucked very low, she casted a spell, that costed her half of her mana. With a glowing, bright, divine light, she just regenerated all her health, making Cassandra to just run away, because she knew, she could not win this fight. "Everyone deserves a second chance, don't you think so?", Jasmine smiled, as she spelled a horror out on Cassandra, following by a suppression, a catalyst and a holy explosion. Cassandra, loosing the most of her life summoned an eye, regenerating health by the attacks Jasmine casted on her. "Now it's mine". She just summoned four clones, but even before they could attack, Ancelloan sent holy comets out to the ground, insanely damaging cassandra. Jasmine shouted a last prisma on the nearly dead seer, before running away, listening to the sound of the cannon and being proud to execute the will of Ancelloan.
      Seer is out.
    • Blade finally found the Seer corpse.
      It's something that he wanted to see but something just wasn't right.
      He just missed Holy,he blames himself for his death and have no ideea of what to do.
      Meanwhile Carol and Duncan are talking in the Deep Cave.
      Carol : So i purpose you an alliance.
      Carol : How would you like to form an alliance ?
      Duncan : Sounds Great !
      Carol : All we have to do is kill every specialist that we find in our way and we will be able to win this game with ease.
      Carol : What possibly can go wrong ?
      "In that very moment Monk and Gladiator appears"
      Gladiator : HaHaHa We Got you !
      Monk : Time to die !
      Duncan looks pissed and Carol looks indifferent.
      The battle emerges.
      Duncan went in a duel with the Gladiator while Carol the Demon Hunter start chasing the Monk.
      The Duel beetwen the Warrior and the Gladiator seemed long and endless.
      Carol however had a few tricks,he unleash a powerfull curse call possesion who keep hurting the Monk overtime.
      The Monk throw his spear at him but he succesfully dodge.
      Carol started to shoot merciless at him while he tried to catch him but it seems like the Demon Hunter was always faster.
      Wile finally near him he tried to use his ultimate,finally he catched him and stun him and then he used his dragon spear ability.
      Right after the stun finished the Demon Hunter dashed with his sword out of his way being severly wounded and immediately he performed his ultimate ability which hits both Gladiator and the Monk.
      The Gladiator was hurted but The Monk falls to the ground death.
      Seeing that The Gladiator retreats.
      Duncan rushes to catch him but Carol catch his arm and tells him to stop.
      Duncan : Why ?
      Carol : He won't make it far,he is extremly wounded anyway beside the berserker will probably kill him.
      Carol : Anyway,we have more important targets to take care of.
      Both of them start to walk to Eastern Kream.
      Monk is out.
      13 left.
      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Volcanic eruption

      It was a silent night in the country of Eastmile.
      Suddenly the remaining specialists were shocked by an earthquake.
      The earth growled and trembled.
      The specialists all trembled as well. Trembling in fear. Silently feeling that the end is approaching.
      They all left fernon temple and took the ship to act 5.
      They rushed to the volcano gate. There had to be something wrong.
      When the 12 specialists gathered there they noticed that Volcano was missing.
      They all looked for him, but he couldn't be found.
      Suddenly the specialists were all engulfed by fire.
      The blazing heat made their heads go crazy.
      Their bodies sweated in the unbearable heat.
      Their conciousness was silently fading.
      A volcanic roar. Eruption. Ash storm. And a magmaswamp.
      Slowly but surely all the other specialists felt that their vital functions had stopped.
      They bowed for their king by their deaths. Volcano is the only winner.
      Well.. it was thought. A faint voice was heard from inside the area of the burning sword, the lair of king Volcano.
      That specialist was blade. He managed to resist some of the attacks from the volcano by using charge. He was barely alive, but he made it.
      The miniking of the specialists.
      Or not?
      Volcano stabbed him with his magmasword. The poor blade was lying on the ground after being stabbed. The blazing sword entered his body once more and set it on fire.
      The glistening burn... It was too much to bear. The blade was wiped out too.

      VOLCANO DEFEATS 11 SPECIALISTS in 1 post, oh wait... 12.
      (i just wanted to finish this in 1 blow, cuz u guys are not interested anyway :D)