Old Memories with Screenshots

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  • Old Memories with Screenshots

    I want to share my old photos maybe you are want to share too. We can see old friends around photos and remember them maybe or if they play as a new acc we can see them :D

    Kfc raid at 07/07/2008

    another a raid team i took ss at ic :D shared this for old players at raid team :D 01/03/2009

    again a kfc raid with all jajas . it was rare at 04/03/2009

    jorge10 and screenhustler this 2 player special for me they both helped me to get my still using wk at 14/05/2009

    the maximum type of bushies and owners at 15/07/2009

    new year celebration at 2009 to 2010 :D

    i dont know/remember who did and why did it :D 04/10/2014

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