Glacerus (sp6) raid version 2

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    • Glacerus (sp6) raid version 2

      This is the guide for the SP6 raid, precedent to the SP6 raid you have the SP5 Raid. You can find it here
      I will not post the basic information for both raids again. Please do not discuss in this topic. Any comments on the guide can be made on this topic

      - Basic information about the Glacerus raid
      - Team Composition
      - How to do the raids

      Basic information:

      Glacerus is water element, so you need water resistance.
      Recommended is to use attack potions (some hosts require you to use them) and ice flower oils for quicker raids.
      "Again I would like to remind you that it has recently become the norm to not use bear buff, although the raid
      is not a %-damage raid in general. Please ask the host if you should
      buff or not. (The crusader defense buff also adds hp, but in contrast to
      the bear buff, it adds 1 point to the defence grade. The crusader buff
      of defense will be overbuffed by the bear buff.) "

      Recommended sps:
      - Gladiator
      - Warrior (morale) However, since warriors often have HP build, it is better to go Gladiator or Berzerker.
      - Berzerker (frenzy)
      - Crusader (Triple the host/strongest person, sader buff, sader debuff)
      - Volcano (buff and attack)
      - Red Mage (for the buff, or to attack if its really strong)
      - Destroyer (gas! Gas after storm)
      - Cannonshooter
      - Wild Keeper (buff)

      Extra buffers (not necessary, but could speed up the raid)
      - Holy Mage
      - Blue mage (Resistance)
      - Ranger
      (I, Galaco, like to bring a ranger to buff the strongest archer/swordie with Hawk Eye)

      How to do the raid?

      The host summons you to the raidplace, Water Cave, which you can enter via Felix Frost (The quest NPC). You often have to go either top left or top right for extra buffs. Buff up after you enter raid. Again, DO NOT BEAR AS A WK. You have the same lay out as Draco, lever room (reception) and bossroom. You go to boss room and you start attacking. Use Attackpot, to make the raid quicker.

      - Glacerus has a skill that can bring your HP down to 1 immediately, when you see circles around Glacerus, you need to run away from the boss. It means he is going to 1 hp you. If you get hit, it doesn't matter that much, but it will cost you a fp, or a life. Please use a full pot, because otherwise you cant attack for 20 seconds and lose all your buffs. After this 1 hp skill, glacerus sometimes gets a debuff, 'Beast's Roar' that will make him more vulnerable to melee attacks, however he will reflect your damage to yourself, this means, you will lose 855 hp per hit yourself. Snack a bit or lower your attack speed to avoid your hp dropping.

      - Glacerus has a skill that looks like a chunk of ice. You lose a lot of hp(50-60%) and you are sometimes slowed. After this skill Glacerus will gain a debuff which increases his attackspeed by 4, but will also make him more vulnerable to ranged and magic attacks.
      - Glacerus has a skill that let circles appear (this time white blueish) like in Draco, avoid these to avoid losing HP.

      - Glacerus summons mobs, kill them together with the boss with aoes, try to not 1 on 1 them.
      Sometimes a message appears in the middle of the screen. 'Glacerus the ice cold channels cold and frost into a storm. Elisia: Save yourself by getting into a protective square'
      If that message appears, you need to search for a 'safe zone' otherwise you will get frozen and only other members from the team can unfreeze you.

      You can unfreeze somebody by clicking on the person and wait until the message has disappeared (unfreezing.....) Use your pet and partner to tank eventual mobs that deny you to unfreeze.

      After the storm you need to use gas as destroyer and crusader debuff and frenzy from berzerker (in case it fails the berserker should use armour break) to ensure the damage done to glacerus is optimal. At that moment the boss has a debuff called 'Violen Roar.' I don't have a screenshot of that debuff, but it increases damage the boss receives and gives the boss a higher probability to receive debuffs of level 4 and lower. If these specialists are frozen, try to unfreeze them as soon as possible so they can use their skill. Use all the attacks you can right after the storm, that is when glacerus is the most vulnerable.
      The rewards are 2400 reputation, sp 6 raidbox (might give you sp6) and 1 glacerus mane.
      When you're done with the raid you can loot the same things as in Draco. This raid usually only lasts 1-3 minutes, depending on when the first storm comes.
      So... you are done with your first glacerus, check the list and join the same team again. Repeat this another 3 times and you're done.

      Thank the host for the raids out of politeness and exit the cave. You will come at the npc's from which you got the quests. at these npc's you can exchange your glacerus mane (at sp6 npc) and your draco claw (at sp5 npc) for a perfection gem (strengthens your sp). It takes 5 items (so 5 raids) to get a perfection gem.

      Thank you for reading my guide and have fun raiding.

      A big part of the guide was written out of my own experience, but a few weeks after I submitted my guide I saw a guide from Malukah. I added
      some of the information he had in his guides to this version of the guide. Thank you, Malukah, for letting me use your findings.

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