[11.11.16] Live Quiz Event

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    • [11.11.16] Live Quiz Event

      Hello folks,

      This year we are holding an ingame Live Quiz Event for you to participate in. Meaning that you're invited to join us in game to answer a few questions we have prepared for you to gain a general and maybe even a special reward if you score well.

      The event will take place on the
      11th November 2016
      8 pm GMT+1 (7 pm UK time - GMT)
      Channel 4

      Please make sure to join the channel on time so you don't miss anything. We'll pose the questions to you by admin messages which can be only seen on channel 4 and you'll have to whisper the answer within the next 60 seconds after you received the question.
      This can be done by typing /Bittersweet answer in the chat.
      Please keep in mind that replying in general chat or speakers doesn't count and isn't permitted either - people who do so will be disqualified.
      Moreover you may only participate with one character (and one account) - if you join with more than one character or there are people using the same connection unregistered it may lead to a disqualification as well (registering after the event doesn't count).
      IP-Sharing Registration guide: How to: IP-Sharing
      So please don't ruin it for you and your fellow players.

      It is important to answer as accurately and correctly as possible - and we can only accept replies in English!

      Whatever your personal result - there will be a double exp event awaiting you all in a few weeks after the event (!) if you participate well.
      If you receive an extraordinary result you may even receive a special prize. So do your best!

      The winners will be published as soon as possible, most likely within 1 week of the event, since analysing the results may take a few days. We count on your patience here.


      1) Is it necessary to register for the event?
      No, you can just participate by joining us ingame and whispering the answers when the event takes place.

      2) What if I need more time than 60 seconds to reply?
      Then we can't take that reply into consideration unfortunately. So if you don't know the answer just make a guess within time or leave it out.

      3) How can we answer questions?
      By whispering like this: /Bittersweet answer

      4) Do we have to be at a certain place to participate?
      As long as you're anywhere on channel 4 it doesn't matter where you are (map isn't important).

      5) The time is bad!
      Unfortunately not all time zones might be covered here, but that generally comes up with live events. We're sure there'll be other events, especially with Christmas coming up soon too.

      6) How long will the event be?
      Approximately around 30-40 minutes for the quiz itself.

      If you have unanswered questions or feedback prior to the event please let us know in this thread: [Event] Live Quiz 2016

      We're looking forward to you joining us for this event,
      The NosTale.Uk team

      sexier than Morgoth
    • FAQ #2

      7) What if I want to correct my reply/give various replies?
      Please only reply once. We'll count the first answer you sent - so please make sure that it's the reply you'd like to give. The only exclamation might be spelling mistakes. Either way you have 60 seconds to answer.

      8) What kind of questions will you ask?
      All of them are related to the game NosTale. So you don't need to know who became the president of the USA recently or who's our Community Manager (though that might be recommended as well XD).

      sexier than Morgoth
    • Today we'll announce the winners of the Quiz Event 2016

      Correct answers Winners Prize/s
      40 Athazel XxSafouanexX Raccoon Bird in Bead
      39 Stormfury* ~HoNoR~ *Bushy* Ouaz* Orange Hat (perm.) + Azuris + Medal of Erenia + Adventurer's Medal
      38 Pat(DS) Sarasama BloodViolet Galaco Azuris + Medal of Erenia + Adventurer's Medal
      31-37 ~Mäu Ezkiller bravious Rucky ~~Divine~~ TºTº Khalix I<3Shary DARKHOME Mexan Empowering Pitt DeepStriker Kirsty987 *Squad* Criup RakeLuters FatimaHeart xHinata Prismo phixie ~Sylas~ Remisbae Death~Bow ~Pysky xDoraemon Gracious ~*Dante*~ Panic! louize svetais xUniiquex ThinkFast Mikan Chere -Winkz- MidnasRevenge yenob Sety! F!r3B0W Azluna PickyMuch Ark~ FudgeBall urmelkorn Penguin:D daike AsSasINKiD™ WolisLT °Hisoka° WelshDragon SirButter Naerys Darlequinn ~*Ping-UP*~ KeNiis Just4Fun2001 Ashe*~ Exile** MegaXUltra Descield Chuan¡Ë¡¸ Death~Reaper Pikachu< /3 Medal of Erenia + Super Hair Gel & Wax + Adventurer's Medal
      30-21 Nephasys BruhUded STR33TPoWeR Pattern HaloBlade EdwardowaaPL Feena° -Milenioum- ~*sweety*~ Rainty Nishimura_xD kronocs >BlazingArrow< Tony_Montana liliyanna drogon_sowrd <~>Mage<~> Eyepatched Shyera princessjade Zaplety DrizzyRhythm WTFdatCrit` dodgey1 Kristins_ EdgarSpeise Jokochoko Lottex` chipy SkyRose~ UrCandy<3 Nagisa* 0v3rklock *Tudor™<3 PaYuYu TSOKiiNESS N!gHtMaR3 PiNoY_Player TommyVercetti ->Naruto<- Daychigo Medal of Erenia + Adventurer's Medal
      20-0 ImoutoChan™ Corn_Don xlighty StrongTurtle KawaiiBakemono hunterskull Mikey^^ mumi Kaysa_11 Cellica X_xAnUbIsx_X HotBoy -Rozi- GC-TreyMaster" Devildu3 Darkness86 BATMAN! mateka(hun) sIlVeR2000* almestre Iubi yaryar:) Pachoo ~*Seadra*~ iNxCurs3 Morleys IronBeast Devillah WildWilds "PATO" Lalanzo TheAres Meezy •Anna Magna_Viperz Zennor ~Foxy~ WaterBeast BlackStarX Legendary8k Prenex JodyeFlacko TOTKA Acania *EassyBro* Kuwabara SoWTF Costello -Franky- ~Dark_bow~ Pákosztos ¢X¡¹Dionaiox£a Esquad BobLeo Rohlik ganoff CANCERGAME +Said+ Demon` Xhen(ita) kish Lukasz_BR fregha Hyon-Jeon AliceCooper Adventurer's Medal

      Additional information:
      Medal of Erenia + Adventurer's Medal are temporary (30 days) and stack, make sure to remove the stuff from the added inventory space beforehand though (The Shop Window -> Consumables shows the remaining time). You can not use a medal if you already have an Adventurer's Knapsack active.

      All prizes will be send out to your parcels during this week before the Double Exp event starts.

      If you're not on the list though you participated you were probably disqualified for participating with various accounts which weren't registered for ip sharing or either multiaccounts.

      sexier than Morgoth
    • Here you can find the solutions for the questions we asked:


      Q1 Who teaches you skills in Nosville?
      Calvin Coach

      Q2 Which is the first pet you're asked to catch?

      Q3 How much is it to take the Mortaz Desert boat?
      30.000 Gold (if you added the gold due to confusion with the time afterwards we counted that as well)

      Q4 What item is needed to use the Total-Chat?

      Q5 What element are Maple Soul?

      Q6 Next to which TS can you find Rect Lat?

      Q7 Name a robe requiring Champion Level 28!
      Sealed Heavenly Robe / Hellord Robe

      Q8 What item grants your weapon additional options?

      Q9 Name a mob with shadow element from Act 3!
      Old Tree Spirit aka Wraith of an Old Tree / (Cursed) Skull Warrior / Mini Castra / Revenant Skeleton Warrior / Skull Archer
      (Act 3 technically starts with TS 66 and the Laboratory)

      Q10 On which map can you find the Giant Warepard?
      Western Krem

      Q11 What dungeon leads to the Labyrinth of Pain?

      Q12 Name a raidboss from the family raids in Glacernon!
      Lady Calvina / Baron Berios / Lord Hatus / Lord Morcus

      Q13 What item do you need 5 Iceflowers for?
      Iceflower Oil

      Q14 Name 1 timespace can you find Fernon Dryads in!
      TS 54 + 55

      Q15 Name a female partner!
      Leona / Princess Sakura

      Q16 What's SP 8 for swordsmen called?

      Q17 What fairy lets you play more minigames?
      Red Magical Fairy/Darling

      Q18 Whose sister is Erenia?

      Q19 Which minigame offers Magic Powder as a reward?
      Shooting Field

      Q20 What is the name of the owl pet?
      Fibi Frosty

      Q21 Which raid is accessed from the Path to Altar?
      Giant Slade / Massive Slade

      Q22 What color is the special stone on Sunset Cliff?

      Q23 Which pet provides you with snacks?
      Grasslin Fairy / Spring Fairy, Jumpy Chicken, Mini Jackpen

      Q24 Which shoes increase your movement by 10%?
      Fast Shoes

      Q25 Which Holy buff increases your defence?

      Q26 Name any 2 of the Robber Gang Camp Leaders!
      Keru / Melki / Garton / Neil

      Q27 Name any NPC from the Citadel in Glacernon!
      Rudin Albisco / Aurelius Roshu / Amelia Glacia / Bibi Basar / Leika Passage / Fabian Frost / Hemil Melius

      Q28 Which wings increase damage in pvp by 2%?
      Titan wings

      Q29 Name the 84-86 accessory set from Catrisha!

      Q30 Name any boss drop from the Giant Knight TS!
      Black Armor piece / Black Dye Powder/ Doomed Skeleton

      Q31 Which mount can be brought from an NPC?
      Magic Camel

      Q32 Which costume gives +2 speed?
      Snow White Tiger

      Q33 Which potion is made with Chubby worms?
      Strong All Recovery / Energy Increase

      Q34 How many sons does Mr Park have?

      Q35 Which map can Ragnar be found on?
      Rock Canyon

      Q36 What event can only be started by a Fam Head/Dep?
      Rainbow Crystal Battle

      Q37 What theme is used in each miniland?

      Q38 Name all four Wildkeeper buffs!
      Eagle / Bear / Wolf Spirit / Elemental Shining

      Q39 Name the swordsman armor that reduces speed by 2!
      Heavy Defender

      Q40 Which item from Eva Energy releases pets?
      Pet Collector

      If you think we're wrong or forgot something feel free to contact us asap - or in order to give feedback : [Event] Live Quiz 2016

      sexier than Morgoth
    • All rewards have now been issued to the winning players via parcel.

      If your name is on the list above but you've not received your rewards then please send us a ticket to Support detailing the name of the character you took part with and which prize rank you should have received.

      We hope everyone enjoys the Exp Event this weekend. .