Casual day in Nosville

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    • Casual day in Nosville

      Casual day in Nosville

      It was a normal day. Adventurers in Nosville were carelessly fooling around, sometimes clearing Malcom Mix´s failed experiment – only 3 times per day, but whole Nosville was used to it. Only Mimi sometimes complained about Malcom´s carelessness.
      Nosville had just casual,sunny day.

      Island of shadows:
      This land was created by very powerful magic of darkness. It was invisible and well protected from any outside attacks. Perfect for Dark lord, Morgoth.
      For him, however, it was not casual day. He was about to hear news, which wont be exactly cheerful for him.
      His most loyal servant, general Turtle (he is small, but dont underestimate him!) just heard the news.
      „Well…this wont please my master. But i must tell him immediately.“

      „ Master…“
      „ What is it, my general? I told you i dont want to be disturbed when i am thinking of new, twisted sklil to throw upon Nosville!“
      „ I am truly sorry, master, but there are urgent news.“
      „ They better be good ones!“
      „ I am afraid not,master. That Lockheed…she was promoted. Now her powers upon Nosville are higher than yours.“
      „ She WHAT? How is that possible? And they say I am the one who uses dark tricks!“
      Morgoth paced around room. For couple of minutes, the only sound were his steps.

      „ This…this is unexpectable. This ruins months of my planing! Well… prepare our army. We are heading to Nosville.“
      „ But master…“
      „ Do NOT disobey me! I wont allow them to celebrate! Any party they will make, i must spoil, especially when they dont bother to even invite me!“
      „ As you say, master.“


      Lockheed loved desert. Shining sun,hot sand...what else could be better.
      She sneaked from Nosville right after her promotion was announced. She wondered if Gone plans some celebration. That would be so typical for him and other members.
      Suddenly she felt some kind of incoming dark energy. Of course,it was Morgoth.
      „ I bet he heard the news and came to „celebrate“ “

      Morgoth and his army entered Nosville. It was…empty?
      „ What kind of trick is that?“
      Suddenly, bunch of adventurers appeared. There were Gone, Tongeda, Greenus aswell.
      „ Morgy, please, try to be nice.“ Said Tongeda. Her cat meowed in agreement.
      „ Dont call me Morgy. Besides, i dont know meaning of word „nice“.“

      Out of nowehere, Lockheed appeared.
      „ Its so nice of you to visit us, just when i got promoted.“
      „ What kind of dark tricks you used, Lockheed?“
      „ None. Just a hardwork, you know.“
      „If you say so…Turtle! Its time to attack!“
      „ Yes, master!“

      It wasnt first Morgoth´s assault. And it´s result was just the same as the previous were.
      Adventurers defended Nosville very bravely. Soon there was only Turtle and few other monsters fighting.
      General Turtle, most skilled servant of Morgoth was fighting with Galaco.
      Galaco shouted „ Girlish power!“ and Turtle´s face went pale.
      Turtle decided to hide himself in safety of Morgoth´s ship.
      Soon Morgoth was surrounded.
      „ One thousand and one attempt, and yet it failed.“ Said Gone
      Suddenly something small hit Morgoth´s forehead. It was…button.
      Lockheed was throwing them at Morgoth.

      „ I am sorry, but you asked for it. Its time for you to become polite, Morgy.“
      Morgoth´s face went red.
      „ I shall return.“ He hissed, boarded his boat and disappeared.

      Adventurers returned to their casual duties. Gone planned great celebration for Lockheed.She actualy enjoyed it.
      Only Morgoth with his servants were far away, plotting something to conquer Nosville.

      But this was only casual day in Nosville.

      Made for Lockheed, who was promoted recently. And for every bored person, here in forum :)
      I am not native speaker nor excellent writer so please be easy on me:)
      Thanks :)
    • Wow I like it ! :thumbsup:
      But i just cant understand how this

      Could kill this

      Then suddenly Galaco went

      All of sudden !
      Anyway Nice Story,hopefully you continue it ! :thumbup:
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~
    • Detective Galaco and case of lost Turtle, part one

      Some time went by from Lockheed´s promotion. After that great party adventurer´s had to return to their casual duties. And life went on.
      As it did in Morgoth´s island. He was busy planning new strategies of conquering Nosville.
      However sudden event occured, and it shocked everybody. General Turtle, most loyal servant of Morgoth, disappeared. And so did two adventurers from Nosville.

      One morning, Morgoth though of briliant strategy of conquering Nosville. He was about to discuss it with his general (he had quite communicative morning), but nobody was answering to his calling.

      Well,well, well. It seems like our little Turtle decided to leave. Or… something happened to him? I shouldnt care too much – i can create new general. But this one was handy. Maybe – it is one of Gone´s bad jokes. I dont know why everybody thinks i should laugh more? I am sure i am laughing enough, especially when one of my dark experiments succeeds!

      He decided to call one of low, nameless servants.
      „ Have you called me,master?“
      „Of course i did. Where is general Turtle?! How come, general of my army, does not respond to me?“
      „ I dont…“
      Other servant came. „ Master, with regret i must inform you, general Turtle disappeared. All his belongings are on place, and there were no traces of fight. It looks like he… vanished.“
      „ Well, correct me if i am wrong, but people cannot suddenly vanish!“
      Both servants looked startled.Morgoth dismissed them with waving of hand.
      „ I shall look into this matter personally.“

      Unrest was spreading through Nosville aswell. Two adventurers vanished in the same way as Turtle.
      There were few theories, who caused this. Most popular one was, of course the one involving Morgoth.
      So i tis no surprise, that when Morgoth appeared in Nosville, it caused huge fuss.
      „ What is he doing here?“
      „ Perhaps he came for more of us!“

      Morgoth noticed Lockheed and pointed towards her.
      „ Can you explain me where do you hold my general Turtle?“
      This question caused confusion.
      „ Well, we thought you are the one who caused disappearence of two ours adventurers.“

      Interesting. So actually more peopel vanished. Not that i care about those fools, but..if they didnt cause it, who did? I wont let anyone conquer Nosville before me!

      „Well,well. This is interesting. Somebody sneaks around and makes people vanish?“
      „ Well we thought its you…“said angrily one adventurer.
      Morogth decided to leave. He thought like he was only wasting his time here.
      „ Wait, Morgoth…since Turtle is gone, why dont you join us?“asked Lockheed.
      „And why should i do that?“
      „Well, higher numbers, higher chances of finding anybody.“
      „ Very well. But this is only temporarily!“He completely ignored glances of others.
      „As expected…“ muttered Gone.

      „Ladies and gentleman! I have the honor to present… myself, detective Galaco! Dont worry, i will solve this mystery!“
      One certain person wished that stare could kill.

      After 2 hours.

      Galaco check rooms of all missing people.
      „ Well! There certainly is something wrong.“
      „ You dont have to be genius to realize that.“ Morgoth muttered sarcastic comment for himself.
      „There was strange vibe of magic in every room. With bit of luck we can chase it! Trace leads to the sea, however.“
      „ Not a problém, Morgoth has a ship.“
      „Why i ever joined this…“

      Another hour passed.
      „Galaco, i am afraid you were wrong. There is nothing, but a sea.“
      „ Be strong in the faith! I am sure we will find something…“
      „ Just a kid´s dream…“

      Can´t give up now! I am sure, i felt something when i researched those rooms! It must be somewhere here…Just must be! Little bit of luck and girl power,please…

      Galaco was lost in her thoughts, so it was Lockheed who noticed strange island.
      „ Thats weird, there isnt something like this in maps.“
      „ Yeah, it is created by magic,not nature.“ Stated Morgoth.
      „ We are glad that expert in creating of islands informed us.“

      Morgoth really began to be annoyed by all those sarcastic comments he had to hear while Galaco was researching. And even now they didnt stop. He just said „Whatever.“ To himself and kept analyzing island.

      Group decided to leave ship. Island didnt look suspiciously, but there was certainly something wrong. Everybody could feel it.
      And so they encountered strange person. Person turned to them, revealing to be perfect copy of Morgoth.
      Awkward silence fell upon our group.

      To be continued( i hope!) ....

      To all bored people.~