Announcement [guide] How to Identify Nostale staff members in Game and on forum

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    • [guide] How to Identify Nostale staff members in Game and on forum

      Dear Community,

      I would like to make sure you don't get pulled into one of there scams, cause that will cost you your account.

      If in doubt if someone is a team member you can check all current team members names/ranks here:

      In Game:

      The ONLY people who have ingame powers and are able to help you with no secret agenda are our GMs, you can identify them by the word [GM] infront of there name. And there purple name! for example [GM] Bittersweet

      When being addressed by a GM

      All GM's usernames are highlighted in purple, Always have a GM tag [GM] before their usernames, and they all belong to the Nostale UK GM family!

      Normal GM chat is always displayed as purple text.

      If a GM whispers you, it is always "From GM ..." before the message this text will be purple too!

      All GM's can be found at our boards team page, in the any game team name Usergroup. If someone is not on this list, he/she isn't a GM.

      If someone presents himself as a game supporter, without the Purple [GM] name and text then you will be facing a scammer.

      Also GM's never ask for items, trades or passwords, GM's will never give you gold.

      On Forum:

      All current team members and their forum accounts are listed here:
      Make sure the person who contacted you has the same name as the person in the above team list. If someone's name is -kitcalie- but yet on team list is shows kitcalie then you know it is not a real account since there are "-" next to the name instead of just the name.


      The differences:

      1. As you can see the real team members names are just Bittersweet and Lady Sky. The fake one is [GM]Juiced

      2. Team members names on the forum will have a color that is not black to them. In this case it is red.

      3. Bittersweet has an avatar the fake account used the Community Manager rank image as their avatar.

      4. Bittersweet and Lady Sky has more than a few posts. The fake accounts generally only a few if any and those are generally only to advertise the scamming site. The only time this changes is when a new team member is hired and then you can tell by the avatar and rank icon both being up.

      5. Most team members have some type of rank. In this case Bittersweets is "Game Admina" with the Game Admin rank icon. Lady Sky's is "Community Manager" with the Community Manger icon (if youcan see the faint white line dividing the categories you will see it under community manager icon and the other above Lady Sky not between the name and icon)The Fake account is a "Beginner" with the normal leaf icon image.

      6. The registration date. Most of the fake accounts with have a Date of Registration that is the same or very close to the day you get the message/ they post the message.

      Team members will never give out free nos dollars/coupons unless you win an event or it is an event. In that case we PM you the coupon code and you do not have to go to another website to get it.

      Team members will never ask you for your password as we do not need it for any reason.

      Team members will generally only link you to the following: a thread or just the general portal/index page of the official forum (, Support (, Gamepay/nosmall support (, the official web site ( We will never PM you to have you follow a link to get your rewards for any contests/events.

      If you are ever in doubt that someone is or is not a real team member feel free to go to the team page ( click on their name, press the "Send private message" button and send them a message. If you ever get one of this scammers please also report it either via support or for the forum accounts private message to the Board Admin (myself) or A Super Board Moderator.

      Special thanks to Ken for bring it to our attention and starting a "Hints to identify fake teamlers" thread and adding a lot of the above info.