Old Sp's outfit update/upgrade.

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    • Old Sp's outfit update/upgrade.

      I would like to suggest Old sp's vision update/upgrade.

      1 - Assassin
      2 - Ranger
      3 - Warrior

      I would like to see these 3 with different outfits.
      The current one of Assassin and Ranger are quite boring.

      Like. Why don't you try to change their outfits ?
      Something impressive.
      Something different.
      If you guys can develop NosTale how ever you want.
      Why don't you try to change small things ?

      Or why don't you try to make a new SP ?
      Fun SP like Pajama and Pirate.
      Fun SP that uses bow and can be worn with every class.

      Mages got guns - #Possible
      Swordsman got cross-bow - #Possible
      Archers got bow - #Quite possible.

      SP that comes with its skills and combos and moves and actions etc.
      I think it would be great. :airborne:

      Please remove these shit AD's
      Microsoft Edge doesn't support Ad-blocker yet.
      Chrome sucks.
      Opera meh.
      Firefox bleh.
      [Excuse the rudeness above] :lol:
      "You're shallow and empty and filled with regret.
      I think that chest must be heavy from that cross on your neck you only wear 'cause you're weary of what comes next after your death.
      Don't think I didn't notice
    • Usually, I'm all in when a thread is about to complain to GF being useless and not doing anything but this thread... just no.

      First of all, you want them to put effort/time to do something when you don't put any effort from your part. If you did, you would be aware that there are many threads about this topic.

      This thread
      is the lastest one AND IS STILL ACTIVE. Which you would had known if you put effort into searching before posting.

      Next point. GameForge cant develop the game. They only got a license to host the servers. Entwell is the developer company. If you want a change you got 2 choices.

      Open or join a thread about the suggestion you are interested into and show your support for it (having 1 thread with 500 people supporting an idea is better than having 500 threads about the same issue because they will just get closed and look like spam... which is exactly what you are doing). If enough players want something, GF might look into it and send it to Entwell. Then Entwell decide if its worth or not to make the change.

      Your other option is to contact directly to Entwell and tell them your suggestion. You can do this via Nostale SE forums, e-mail, phone or whatever you want. Keep in mind they are a Korean company.

      Next problem. Saying "Excuse the rudeness" its not an excuse. Think about someone beating you with a baseball bat and then tell the police "Excuse the rudeness". I'm pretty sure the police would still get that person to jail. When you made your game/forum account you agree to certain rules. Those rules state the behavior for the game and forum. By cursing you are breaking the rules and saying "Excuse the rudeness" its useless.

      And last point. Since you only say sucks, meh bleh. I cant help you choose an internet browser because you are not giving any reason why you dont want any of them. But i will give you some warning/information and whatever you do with it it's up to you.

      Internet explorer is/was one of the most insecure browsers. Internet Edge inherited some security flaws because it uses some of Explorer's decoding libraries. Edge's is way faster and its even better than Firefox and Chrome regarding speed and stability on HTML5 content. However, that's it. For anything regarding security or any content that is not HTML5, Edge is very dangerous to use. Edge actually includes PDF and Java built-in cores, this is a huge problem because Java has always had a very weak security. Other browses dont have them as core plugins because that way can be disabled anytime if they are being attacked. Edge can "visually" disable the plugin, but can't disable the core itself so it will always be open to attacks.

      ken030988 wrote:

      I really see lack of interest of GameForge and the Staff in many areas of the community

      Cridian wrote:

      I was reading only the 1st post, since i'm tired.

      CheesyCoconut wrote:

      You don't think this is worth your time spending on NosTale users technical problems.
      We think the same
    • I will like to add that these "outfits" will take away the essence of the sp card.
      Imagine seeing a blue dressed red magician using fir spells. :thumbdown:
      Also a fun sp using bow ?,from all the classes you choose bow for that sp to use it ?
      This is just my personal oppinion,i hate every sp made by Entwell that copy other classes weapons.They take away their authenticity.
      And besides if there will be a fun sp it should atleast a unique weapon like jajamaru or pajama but not a bow.What archers players will enjoy about that ?
      Also what ken write is right.
      "Chrome sucks"...
      You just insulted the most used browser in the world.
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • True_Warrior12 wrote:

      didnt read anything exepct the sp's he thinks need an update on looks, i think warrior looks good, ranger is decent aswell as assassin, i think that dg is the one who needs some love in every area
      I totally agree.. dg looks so ugly, problably the ugliest of them all xD

      There is always something left to love. And if you ain't learned that, you ain't learned nothing.