Pinned Changes in the NosMall

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    • Dear NosPlayers,

      following changes will be implemented tomorrow in the NosMall:

      - Wheel of Fortune will be implemented
      - Small and Medium Special Rechargers will be removed from direct sale
      - Gold nuggets will be removed from direct sale

      Your NosTale Team
    • NosPlayers,

      Tomorrow the Little Gold Rush Wheel will be removed from NosMall. It will be replaced by a brand new Wheel - more details about this wheel, the items it will contain, etc will be announced tomorrow on our website.

      Furthermore, from tomorrow on some items will be available directly in the NosMall:

      Magical Snowboard - 200NT
      Magical Skis - 150NT
      Nossi, the Dragon - 250NT
      White Unicorn - 200NT
      Black Unicorn - 200NT
      Pink Unicorn - 200NT
      Magic Scooter - 100NT
      Magic Carpet - 100NT
      Puss in Boots - 250NT
      Ninja Bushtail - 150NT
      Indian Bushi - 150NT
      Cowboy Bushtail - 150NT
      Pink Party Set (f) (Permanent) - 200NT
      Yellow Party Set (f) (Permanent) - 200NT
      Blue Party Set (f) (Permanent) - 200NT
      Red Detective's Set (m) (Permanent) - 200NT
      Golden Detective's Set (m) (Permanent) - 200NT

      Also, just for your information: In the graphic for the new wheel you will see the newest costumes (The illusionist). Unfortunately they won't be included in the new Wheel tomorrow, but the plan is to add them as soon as they will be ready!

      Your NosTale Team
    • [from 10/06/2016] Grab Your Euro 2016 Bushtail and the Free Footie Fan Set!

      Hello NosFans!

      The football season is upon us and NosTale is joining the celebrations! To coincide with the European Championship, you'll find a range of bushtails wearing the national colours of your choice in the NosMall.

      As if that weren't enough, we're giving you a free fan kit containing a cap and jersey! Simply log into the game between 10th–13th June (11 AM respectively) and collect it in the NosMall.

      As cool as the costume looks, it also gives you a boost. The cap increases your resistance to the fire element by 10%, whilst the jersey increases your maximum HP by 600.
      And that's not all! The bushtails have a 10% chance of giving your enemies a blackout.

      Slip on your jersey, grab your football bushi and show your support!
      Here's to Euro 2016!

      The NosTale Team
    • Good morning everyone =)

      Just to clarify: The football costume (permanent cap and jersey) will be available in NosMall for 0NDs. So it will be free for everyone, only limited to 1 costume per game account.

      You can get it in NosMall between today, Friday, at 11h and next Monday 13th at 11h CEST.
      Simply log in during this time frame and collect it in the NosMall :)
    • Nosmall Update - Loyalty Bonus and Changes to the Nosmall 1.12.16

      Hey NosPlayers!

      On Thursday, December 1st, we will have a NosMall update. You can read more about the new loyalty bonus on our website A surprise a day.

      We would like to inform you that together with this update the following items will be removed from NosMall:

      All Partner SPs: Jinn, Cowgirl Chloe, Amon, Witch Laurena, Foxy, Lucy Lopears, Archangel Lucifer, Maru in Mother's Fur, Maru, Hongbi, Cheongbi, Aegir the Angry, Barni the Clever, Freya the Fateful, Shinobi the Silent, Lotus the Graceful, Orkani the Turbulent.

      Mounts: Nossi the Dragon, White Unicorn, Black Unicorn, Pink Unicorn, Magical Snowboard, Magical Skis, Horned Sweeper, Fluffy McFly.

      Pets: Puss in Boots, Ninja Bushi, Cowboy Bushtail, Indian Bushi, Viking Bushi, Centurio Bushi, Gladiator Bushi, Exterminator Bushi, Samurai Bushtail, Sick Bushtail, Shogun Bushi, Bull Bushtail, Special Unit Bushi, Black Bushi, Blue Bushi, Green Bushi, Red Bushi, Yellow Bushi, Pink Bushi, Turquoise Bushi, Brown Bushi, Inferno, Chick Norri's Egg.

      Costumes: Snow White Tiger Costume Set, Cuddly Tiger Costume Set, Brown Detective's Set, Golden Detective's Set, Red Detective's Set, Turquoise Bushi Costume Set, Red Bushi Costume Set, Blue Bushi Costume Set, Pink Bushi Costume Set, Yellow Bushi Costume Set, Green Bushi Costume Set, Aqua Bushi Costume Set, Fluffy Rabbit Costume (m and f), Pink Party Set, Yellow Party Set, Blue Party Set.

      Other items: Ice Wings, Fire Wings, Angel Wings, Devil Wings, Suit for Kliff, Suit for Bob, Suit for Tom, Mysterious Hair Dye, Hair Colour Mix.

      The Costume random boxes, 3 pets (Cute Bunny, Boxer Bushi, Darko the Hell Pup) and 3 mounts (Magic Carpet, Magic Scooter and Magic White Tiger) will remain available for direct sale.

      Your NosTale Team