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    • Delete Board Timer and add 1more sp7 raid

      Hi all,

      My suggestion is plz delete this FC boat timer its uselles think.
      Whats the point? Why we cant just pay and zap we are at FC. Do we have to wait 5min and waste our all time there then miss all raids plz delete this.

      If moderator see this can u please add poll for this?

      Second suggestion make sp7 raid add wednesday too?
      Make for this poll 2plz

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    • sp 7 raid suggestion

      well i know gd have given up on this case i guess i know that many fam change sides because of harmony fam changing but i got suggestion can you guys at least make crystal available to both sides because i just wasted 1 hours of my life time to do this raid and get nothing!!or if possible please bring back the caligor hp bug! this is the worst raid ever the angels just kept owning us like sh*t and in the end we get not even a single crystal and we wasted time for it can you guys at least let both sides recive a crystal regardless of below 20/100...well all those peaceful speaker emotes or anything that was posted on the forum just fell on deaf ears so i hope that you guys could only make this 1 time available in both sides please...... i know as time pass on people will less likely do this raid since most people might have got their sp...but it could be clearly disadvantage for those who are not and poor i know that people that change sides can afford 50k for the egg thing but some are not like me saving to upgrade and all my sp just still +1 my +5sin have failed more than 5 times and still not yet upgrade so please...if possible the raid that just finish please give us the crystal as well since we put in afford to get 9/100 but that's it.... :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:
    • I think it was a good raid, even if we got nothing. I agree that it was a waste of time but it happens...
      Your idea is not that bad (giving spirit to everyone even if they don't reach a certain amount of total damage to boss) but nothing would motivate the players to hit the boss and get the reward.
      In the end the raid would be a place that noone is fighting -even the boss- just to get thespirit to sell an sp or upgrade the other sps.

      (you should ask for a merge with the other sp7 raid suggestions)*

      *i did that, soon a mod will merge this thread
    • lol i've no idea why my post was reported
      well for me it does not i lack water ressistance and in the end everytime i spawn i was killed by an aoe should be water aoe since i was wearing light ress...and well yeah i know it will make people did not want to fight since they knew they going to lose but they could change the rule or lower the conditions 20% is already way too hard since many people have know the trick of changing sides i guess...

      what you meant by merge with other sp?
    • issue solving

      well what i think maybe dev count how many players in nostale and then make ch1 take certain amount :dash: of player and ch2 same and ch3 and ch4 and ch5 as well so ppls can have chances to enter the raid of sp7 and also if it was horrible most of devils families went angels
    • Since most players/fams do choose only 1 side, the other side can barely do the raid properly. What i mean with that is that several players from the side with most players go on the others side respawning point and spam AOE attacks there, killing players right after the respawn (that happens always). I suggest you do get a buff, like when you enter the 1st map out of your base (when they can't attack you for 2 seconds i think). Also the guards should be made stronger (example: 100% hit rate, more damage, more stuns, more guards, etc.) so the players, can at least respawn normaly and other side wouldn't spam attacks there.
    • blackdoom wrote:

      well what i think maybe dev count how many players in nostale and then make ch1 take certain amount of player and ch2 same and ch3 and ch4 and ch5 as well so ppls can have chances to enter the raid of sp7 and also if it was horrible most of devils families went angels
      Aside from what Ruff mentioned, each version of NosTale has a different sized playerbase, so having a specific number would again be impossible. However it's been suggested that multiple instances of the raid run, which is essentially the same as what you've suggested. I also agree with the idea of adding the invincibility buff to respawns in Caligor's Realm, which could also reduce or eliminate the need to strengthen the guards (as strengthening the guards makes it easier for alt character).

      I don't like the idea of giving out Caligor's spirit to players, for the reasons that MagicLord mentioned.
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    • i agree with cridian suggestion but then people will start taking pets and counter those demons by using pet to tank of course if it was a failure they could just wait further from the respawn area and camp there to prevent from leaving base...the second raid just now was way too horibble see how the angels just stay put in devil area to kill them
    • I wasn't at either raid this weekend, but I heard the first one ended at about 9% for devils (and thus 91% for angels), and would have taken about 40 minutes, thus showing an obvious lack of people actually attacking/being able to attack the boss. People already take along pets and partners to FC, for their buffs/debuffs, extra damage and to block guardians.

      What might be interesting is implementing spikes in the respawn area, which can't be blocked and would significantly weaken the opposing team and somewhat discourages respawn-killing (as it's that much easier to die). What I'm wondering right now is actually if devils are capable of getting 20% in the raid, since they got under 20% in both raids (and seem to have been camped at spawn both times). To be fair though, spawn-killing angels did happen last raid on Sunday last weekend (not sure about what happened Wednesday's raid), so there's a twisted kind of equality there.

      It's weird and I get this strange sense of deja vu, since I think I've already said it in another thread, but giving the guardians 100% chance to hit would be okay, though I'm not fond of the other options (remember that the guardians are also present outside Caligor's realm, so if Entwell is to keep them the same, any changes to guardians in raid will also affect those outside).
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    • I'm going to speak as player:

      In the server where I play (S2 from spanish nos) we have a similar situation of .uk: Lack of people, everybody in only 1 faction (during first day at least). And today even if there was an equilibrium (people in both sides) the stronger ones started to kill each other and Caligor didnt even die.

      So I would suggest the following:

      1) A 50:50 ratio (with an error of 5 or even 10), means the capability of 1 side would be defined by the smallest team, in example, if there's like 100 angels and 50 demons, then only 50 angels (or up to 60 if margin is considered) would be able to enter, unless the smallest one is under certain amount, like 25 (means if there are 100 angels and only 5 demons, then would enter only 25 angels since would be the min). That would make an equilibrium for smaller communities, forcing fams to go to one or another side and make equal amounts (always respecting the max, in this case 200 per faction).

      2) Some people in .org sugested to disable fame while caligor is alive, so both sides would need to cooperate to kill him. If looks too easy, then at least to disable fame for like the first 5-10 minutes. Isn't Claigor death yet? then we'll have it harder. That would help both factions to get at least their 20%.

      3) Oppening more raids, doesnt matter if we'll need to save 30 souls unstead of 15. There's people who works and is not able to joing raid during weekend.

      So what you think about those ideas?

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    • This is a hard situation to work out, but we'll be able to manage. The main problem is that Angels are too strong for the Devils. Now as any game with factions etc there is always a stronger team. So I dont think we can change the whole thing, but to add advantages like these that have been suggested; Adding Spikes in respawn zones, making guards more stronger, having a safe spot for respawns. If the weaker team ( in this case Devils ) manages to get 20% dmg to the boss, everyones happy because we'll all get Caligors Souls & Raidboxes. As I said you can't change the fact that Angels are stronger than Devils.. So I personally think that the 20% dmg to the boss for the weaker team is fine. We just need to think of more ways that could help the less advantaged side get their 20% dmg on the boss :)

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    • I like Ruffs suggestion about the npcs that voke people of the portal, would be just as easy to put up a line or box area that you can not enter until the raid starts. That would be a bit better than everyone crowding the portal. Even the one that suggested a pop up box for entry would be better, but make it to where you have to be in Unknown land for it to pop up. Like if you are in your mini you cant enter IC, something like that.

      I think taking the pvp out of the raid would be good also, because as it is now.Devils don't stand a chance, people are far to worried about sitting around afk on devils side because its impossible to get a hit on the boss. Raids are suppose to be players vs boss..Its extremely unfair to those that want to actively participate but can not because its impossible to attack the boss. I think would be a lot better if it were just a normal raid.

      Another thing I think would help is when you change your family to either devil or angel, you must wait a certain amount of time to change back. Like when you leave family you have to wait 24 hours. There should be a limit to change fractions, probably longer than 24 hours, so as not to jump back and forth for FC raids of anything like that. Maybe also limiting the number of people on each fraction to make it more even. But I doubt that would help any and would be more hassle than helpful. But the time wait for fraction changing would stop a lot of people from jumping side to side. Maybe like a 72 hour wait period so you can not change during the sp7 weekends.
    • I can't say much about making both sides fair and equal because I personally think that is impossible in NosTale. However, I can think of one Solution to solve the problem for the enemy faction entering ally base and disrupting attempts to hit Caligor temporarily. My honest opinion, GF needs to disable PvP until Caligor is slain. This would make sure both sides are able to get 20% on the boss or more. It also makes it possible to kill the boss within 5 minutes, meaning the team that wins will get the glowing box, according to a GM post on the forums (forgot where, lazy to look it up).
    • Would it be possible to make a sticky post with a poll to disable pvp during raid or leave it alone? Maybe one of the board mods can do this for us. I did not think that would be a popular idea but apparently alot of people like it.
    • ghostheadnebula wrote:

      Caligor didnt even die.

      Ouch. That's even worse than over here then, as far as I'm aware at least.

      Gonna respond to it in parts:

      ghostheadnebula wrote:

      1) A 50:50 ratio (with an error of 5 or even 10), means the capability of 1 side would be defined by the smallest team

      Although there are positives to this suggestion, there's still a question as to whether smaller amounts of players are able to kill Caligor at all and, if they are not/have great difficulty in doing so, they would be discouraged enough to just start killing the other side. In addition, people can just let their alt chars enter and pile in one side using their mains. While it also helps to regulate the numbers, there's no consideration to the levels (e.g. 60 Lv. 80's still aren't going to win against even 40 Lv. 90+'s)

      ghostheadnebula wrote:

      Some people in .org sugested to disable fame while caligor is alive, so both sides would need to cooperate to kill him. If looks too easy, then at least to disable fame for like the first 5-10 minutes.

      I prefer this suggestion, since it decreases the rewards of killing other players. I remember my first raid Caligor was killed around the 18-19 minute mark though, so perhaps 10 minutes is a bit much (as in that raid Caligor healed once at the start + people were still fighting). Something like until Caligor reaches half HP is also good, perhaps preferable as it encourages people to hit Caligor if they want anything about of PvP (and hopefully they'll keep hitting him even after). Aside from just disabling rep though, it might be more effective if they also disabled points as well.

      ghostheadnebula wrote:

      Oppening more raids, doesnt matter if we'll need to save 30 souls unstead of 15.

      I rather like how restricting it to weekends makes the raid more exclusive and thus something special, even though the times are inconvenient for me and I can see how it'd be even more so for people who work during those times (and few raids is also somewhat frustrating). So while I would like for the raid to be more accessible, I don't exactly want more raids either.

      Maybe it would have been better if Entwell had made it so that each player was randomly assigned to one of two factions (e.g. Red & Blue) instead of using predefined FC ones. That said, I do really like the second suggestion; they've focused on prevention of the whole Pvp solution whereas UK has mostly being reactive to and dealing with the constant kills, very nicely done (I wish it was my idea XD)

      I'll also drop in Sofnyx's suggestion as an alternative Ghosty's first suggestion:

      Sofnyx wrote:

      if you guys want a balance in this raid the solution can only be made by math =)
      instead of an limit to enter in each side , lets change to this


      integers : angelside , devilside = 10.000.000 ;
      if an devil side player tries to enter :

      algorithm to enter : if ( PlayerLv³ < devilside){
      devilside = devilside - playerlv³ ;
      angelside = angelside + playerlv³ ;

      if an angel side player tries to enter , the same thing but inverse ofc:

      angelside = angelside - playerlv³ ;
      devilside = devilside + playerlv³ ;

      have in mind that these formulas will only work untill the max amount be reach .
      the diference of levels calculating in the cube (³ ) will be very enough to balance atleast much more than we have right now.. an more complex algorith could be done to reach an better management of each side , but that would be necessary to count with players rarity of equipment that i didnt wanted to apply.</angelside>
      I think it's an interesting approach, although the power difference from 80-89 and 90-99 tends to be quite different which isn't accounted for (e.g. in the current formula a Lvl 99 only 'costs' slightly less than 2 Lvl 80s)
      - I N A C T I V E -
    • The problem with a button popping up to enter while in unknown land would be in whether or not it popped up during the entire time the raid was open or not. By this I mean, when the button for IC or IB pop up it is a one time thing and you either enter or you don't. What about after people get disconnected and there is room again, will that room be forever vacant? What about the people who got killed by an ambush attack right before the button appeared and have to run all the way back, will the button even pop up when they get there or will they have missed it? Or the people who tried to enter but it was already full, will they not be able to use the button again? The current portal system doesn't truly have much wrong with it, the biggest issue is in people's approach to entry. Everyone seems to assume you need to walk over to the portal by traditional methods(click on the portal) when in such a heavily populated area this is actually one of the worst ways to walk to a location. Should everyone instead find a means of walking using their own skill target distances they would find it quite easy to walk into the portal using the surrounding guardians. I suggest anyone who didn't get in before it was full to take their time to find the path that works for them as this method has worked for me every single raid and even should you find yourself being too slow on entry and not making it before the limit was reached you at least have a clear shot to the portal (just gotta pay a bit more attention or not set yourself so far away next time)

      As for disabling pvp within the raid in any sort of way(even a small safe zone) I highly disagree with the idea. Turning off points and rep from pvp until a certain point is all fine and good but a complete disable is out of the question, pvp to a degree is needed in this raid (mainly for kicking out alts) This raid was meant to be a fun full on war while fighting over who gets to bring Caligor's spirit to either the angels or the devils. While I admit that our total unbalance in the raids makes our raids not very fun that doesn't have much to do with the actual design of the raid, which should the players go about it with a less profitable view could honestly be a very fun experience.