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    • Sp 7 raid suggestions

      So after the first weekend, we can all see there are some issues with the sp 7 raid. Particularly is the portal hugging, and how difficult it is to get in. I have some suggestions which address some of the issues that personally annoyed me.

      1.) Entering the raid. The use of a portal , running back and forth trying to get in is hardly ideal. Instead, I suggest something similar to a waiting room. As you enter said room you recieve essentially a number (1st person in is 1, etc etc). The first 250 people (on each side) immediately get pulled into raid as it begins. As those people leave, people get added in the order they entered said waiting room.

      2.) Afking. Due to the high rate of players here, this becomes a big problem. People doing nothing to contribute but getting rewards. Instead introduce a timer, if it runs out you get removed (and thus someone else is added). This also has the benefit of reducing dualers, allowing yet more people to enjoy the content. Of course some people lag, so the timer should allow for that. However if your lagg is so bad you can do nothing, consider not joining. It sounds harsh but I personally follow this rule with other raids, for fairness to other players.

      On the positive note, I enjoy this raid even if I hate pvp. It is a different element we dont have elsewhere of pvp + raiding, and it's got freaking huge numbers of people. It's nice to see nostale still has people playing :3
    • The issue that would come up with a waiting room would be people entering the waiting room excessively early, if it were to take on such a form of entry I can guarantee there will be people entering days in advance(at least for Saturday's first raid) and it would get to the point where if you want in you are forced to sit in the waiting room doing nothing for hours. If the waiting room were to be Unknown Land itself then sure the angels and devils will kill each other and force people to essentially go to the back of the line but that would just give archers an extremely unfair advantage being able to just use sin and go invisible in some remote part of the map to keep their place. I still think an NPC that vokes angels and devils alike away from the portal every 30 seconds(maybe 10 if 30 seems too long) would fix the portal crowding problem well enough. (make the NPC untargetable so people don't try stunning them)

      As for an AFK timer it depends on how they chose to set it up, if you just need to keep moving that would be nice though people who completely afk are already being kicked out by getting killed by their opposing faction and not accepting the respawn pop up so the dual clients who periodically check back and accept their respawns won't really have a problem switching over and taking a few steps. If they need to attack things then a lot of people with lag could get kicked just for getting temporarily stuck in a more active area, personally if I get too close to the boss I can't attack it because of the lag while if I target him I can attack from afar with my Tide Lord but I've been stuck a good 30seconds unable to move. I've even thought I was going to completely disconnect after a death when it wouldn't respawn me instantly, which could also get people kicked for being afk.

      I will probably enjoy the raid a lot more if I get a better computer. It definitely seems like it is very fun I just have very noticeable lag so I can't charge at the devils(yeah I'm angel) since they get a good 5 second head start attacking me before I can fight back and I've already mentioned the only form of attacking the boss at my disposal xD Still, I at least CAN attack the boss.
    • i agree with ruff about your 1st suggestion..don't think that people could not afk 1 whole day inside the raid place they just need to go there and miniland to their home after that 2 hours before raid they could just come out and afk there and not to mention if you are 1st person who was there and you get killed by devil/angel then that was it your spot was taken by someone else...i think if they randomly put a portal elsewhere much better so people won't wait for it there instead when it spawn players can just move towards the portal that was located on top of the map for example or on the corner of the map...

      for the afk problem i think i found it quite unfair as well but the raid yesterday that was on 5pm there were less afk because devil come to our base keep killing for more points.
    • Problem with portal

      People said it would be fair if there was a random chose for ppl to enter so all get a chance and so they dont crowd portal
      but i think that wouldnt help alot because ppl will probbly get in with alts or so
      My idea is to make it enable ppl to enter with more accs from the same ip adress because there is srsly alot of afkers in raid on all sides and it has to stop
      and many ppl are realy weak and just run around so they dont die, it might help even if they move the level limit to 85+ which would be logical since sp5 is 75+ sp6 is 80+ and sp7 should be 85+ but then next sp would need so be 90+ and that would be a problem
    • my point of view

      i think a good suggestion to pass on should be setting a reputation limit to get inside raid side by side with the lvl limit wich in my opinion should be higher then 80 aswell. make it to be Gree nos or highr, that way reputation should be a important matter in the game and people would have to work on it... it's also a way to avoid nubs and alts inside and to make it more interesting
    • The rep required for SPs is quite low though. For SP6, it was only 50k+, as opposed to the 700k that's being suggested right now.
      Personally, I feel that 700k+ is rather high, though lowering it by much would let in a lot more people. Something like 150-200k though is still relatively easy to get, and does cut down on some alts, or requires people to focus on rep a tad more (though really, anyone with an alt that they use for IC as well could still get in).
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    • One way of being able to enter the raid and thereby making it fair to everyone would be to remove the portal altogether and make it similar in entry to an ic where the game makes multiple ic's dependant on how many people are entering.

      A button comes up on the bottom of the screen, click it and confirm you want to enter the raid, the game makes a new raid for every 100 devils/angels with a minimum number of a raid being made, that way only a few people would be disappointed instead of a lot as is currently happening. No portal so no portal blocking - those who like to take an alt in as well would then have to try and play both charas - yes there will still be those who do it but the numbers would be greatly reduced.
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    • well yeah that would work and if there were less than 75ppl for one side that raid would not be created, thats how i would see it in nos
      but they could simply make that portal appears on random place every raid, that way ppl couldnt know where portal will be and that way they wont be able to block it
    • I still don't see any way of truly blocking the portal so far, you just need to take the time to figure out how to walk to it without clicking on it directly which should be easy enough for all classes. Yes it is annoying, but it works extremely well.
    • I also have a suggestion. Since I live in Australia the times for me are inconvenient. Not only that I know a few other people unable to join, and reading these issues on the board it appears that the current system seems unfair.

      So my suggestion is to make it more like a FC raid. There would be a bar (like normal raids in FC) that increases with fc activity. Perhaps this bar could increase slower than the current fc bar, so that a raid happens every 6 hours or so. You then enter in the raid not as a family, but as a side, either angel or devil. If angels get raid, only they can enter and same goes for devils. To make it fair (I.e people entering multiple times so that others cant get in) perhaps you can only enter once or twice a day, or randomized as suggested here, or another "raid team" created when the max number of people is reached. However, I feel like having more times and having more raids throughout the week (not just on weekends) would ease up the masses of people that is currently being experienced.

      This encourages the two sides (angel and devil) to work for the sp7 as they would work for the normal fc raid. The additional times for the raid will also give other people across the globe a chance to participate and earn the rewards and enjoy the game ;)
    • That would be a completely different raid though, no angel/devil war. Perhaps this would be better for SP8. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a change in times to help out people with harder schedules but the raid was meant to be a chaotic war in the first place(still feeling like Caligor thrives off of it) I do understand that at least another option of getting the SP would be nice due to the chaos going on being very difficult for many people but it is kinda what it was inspired for. Think of it this way, in a year when no one really cares about winning an SP7 since so many already exist and they are as cheap as SP5-6 perhaps even cheaper, this raid will be done for 2 things: perfection gems (lets be honest people really just want them for pvp so the FC war makes sense for it) and for fun. I'm sure by then people won't be complaining about it quite as much and it would all be in good sport. As opposed to now when it is full of people's alts just to try to make money of the SPs while they are still rare. (I am assuming that after a year people won't care about it enough to flood it with alts)
    • -waves at Quennie-
      Is it 1am and 4am for you too, or do you live in NT/SA/WA? Even though the times are so inconvenient, I rather like them as I at least know a definite time to log in and be able to expect that the raid will be on, rather than having to live out in FC in anticipation of a raid, though perhaps more raids, or a greater difference in time would be preferable (but keeping in mind that this is technically a "UK" server... though I feel that UK players don't even make up 50% :P)
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    • If they went with only alts so they don't need to "waste their time" they would significantly reduce the chance of getting anything from the raid at all which is definitely a waste of time. Plus angels and devils already attack afkers causing them to be kicked out of the raid if they don't respawn in time. I highly doubt that part will ever change and honestly I find it beneficial to the raid as it allows people who actually want to play to enter.

      So I guess there is an extra raid now, I am surprised they didn't have it at a different time of day since that was the real issue with how the raids currently were not just the number of them. They are at 8 and 11am for me, new one is at 10am.

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    • Well, we only have one more raid, don't we? As in, it's only a one-off raid to compensate for Caligor's healing.

      Ruff wrote:

      So I guess there is an extra raid now, I am surprised they didn't have it at a different time of day since that was the real issue with how the raids currently were not just the number of them. They are at 8 and 11am for me, new one is at 10am.
      It'll be 3 am over here >< But I'll benefit from Caligor not healing anymore at least :)
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