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    • Pinkamena wrote:

      Naerys wrote:

      but that new ranger looks better than the old onethe old ranger is ugly, in my opinion
      Agree, archers have it best from all 3.
      Srly. The current one is cute. The new one looks like Leafa.

      Gandalof wrote:

      OwO and what are you gonna do with those "ss" wink wink nudge nudge say no more
      Who knows ;)

      Am I the only one who thinks they have a major issue with hair design in general?
    • Devsro wrote:

      I do not like the fact that you can still use full pots in rcb as its supposed to be for fun and people try hard
      Unduckingbelieveable , this made me so angry, like seriously, why they even touched RCB ? , they literally just made the RCB an ic like instance and that's it. 0 Change.
      Literally the main problem with the RCB wasn't fixed and from what people said in the feedback thread , its basically the same it was once.
      Then people wonder why i have such low expectation.
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~
    • Kacchan wrote:

      fekekecchingo strikes back

      here i present - ranger, blue mage and yasuo samurai

      As an old player who quit nostale years ago, I'm very impressed that they're actually revisiting old sps, hopefully they fix up their skills and balance it properly but I'm not going to talk about that.

      For now I'm actually quite disappointed with the designs. They should've kept the nice, rich gold colours from ranger, it helped differentiate his design in comparison to scout. Now he only pretty similar to scout. Though I would say he looks more like a "ranger," the nice foresty rich vibe into him. The Ranger now looks more like some sort of military professional or something.

      Ice mage looks terrible, probably the worst out of the 3 in my opinion. I missed the old rough look with the abs and stuff. Actually made him look more native and savage. This new look however, makes him look much more formal and boring. He also resembles Tide lord way too much as well. Again they kinda removed the diversity between the SPs which is bad. Theoretically speaking, they do look better than the old sps but the old sps would definitely out do them if the concepts were kept the same in my opinion.

      Blade is the only one I'm alright with though. The new rough haircut makes him feel less samurai-like in my opinion, which they should have kept but everything else is better in my opinion. His old clothes didn't really flow well with his chibi appearance in my opinion, which is why the reason why he looked bad in my opinion. (The hair was what was saving his design). However, the new blade's design is a lot more better. I only wished his clothes were longer though.

      Overall, the actual model is a big improvement but the concept is poor. I also think changing their names is unnecessary and will only create confusion. I would say I am looking forward to how sp4 would look like, surely they won't screw it up right!?!?!?

      p.s Hi deepstriker
      Seems like you're looking here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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