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    • It is a step in the right direction as they do look like they would have a Dark Attribute. I've said it enough times thats my guess, as followed by lore, is that the next SPs will be Dark. People claim it follows the swordies attribute which will be Light. Not going too deep in this there are two ways to go about this. Light to conquer the Dark, or Dark arising from the Dark going all the way back to the end of Act 1 playing into the Catsy.

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    • just to sum this up, 7th sp has been confirmed as light sp all ready, the pictures on here are from a contest which ran 2-3yrs ago on german server forum, any german staff member who was around at that time can confirm that also, any info on 7th sp willnot be any time soon, as the next bit new content we get is team arena, where skag has provided info on forum for. So it will probably be early next yr when you get any real info on 7th sp
    • when i saw "SP 7 spoiler" i was shocked who could know it b4 me(even i am lazy these days not checking other nos site)

      joke joke..lol..ofc GM knows b4 me lol, and ppl going Facebook everyday will know b4 me lol
      yea those pic are the contest from German server
      i can even give u who is the one drawing it XD

      if u guys reli wanna know the info of 7th SP
      better check on the Nostale Fan Page at Facebook
      they usually release "SP" pic and pet info at the first place
      (Next will be NosHK forum , and then Korean server Official Website)
      although Europe is the last place to get those SPs (but Pet is always the first XDDD)

      yea , Next thing coming up shld be Team Arena
      and Japan got lvl 70 + Team Arena already(Golden Lion Arena) (21/8 )
      Malaysia got G.L.A. last week (22/8 )
      Hong Kong will get G.L.A. soon too
      and we dun even get the lvl 30 + T.A. o.o.........
      let's pray for both can be launched after summer event -w-
      (but i dun like pvp so i have no interest on that ganking arena system 0w0)

      if u ask about SP info
      the next coming up isn't 7th SP
      is fire/dark Partner SP 0w0
      (shld be at Halloween then?:D )

      PS: in case some ppl dunno , i post it here again, the development plan for NosJP(SE) at 2013

      in First Half Iear
      1)Water Element SP release/6th SP(All server arrived)
      2)Instant Combat/Icebreaker Renewal (none)
      3)Fire Element Partner SP Release (none)

      in 2nd Half Iear
      1)Add "3 vs 3" Pvp Arena /Team Arena (NosSE/JP/HK/Malaysia got it)
      2)Dark Element Partner SP Release
      3)Light Element SP release/7th SP
      4)Add function on SP wing

      Special Item
      1)New Daily Quest
      2)Add More Convenient UI

      mage:skaghonat lv95|jlv 80|Red 74+7|Holy 99+9|Ice 99+11|DG 99+10|Vol 99+8 |TL 99+9|Seer 22+0
      archer:garuru lv 85 |jlv 80|Ran 23+3|Sin 34+4|Des 44+5|WK 61+2|CS 99+11|HH 60+2|DH 40+0

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    • wait what ? How could that be partner sp ? Is there male and female versions now ? Tbh they could work as new sps since theres male and female characters (dunno bout the last one can't tell if second character is m or f :s ) 1st -Archer 2nd- Swordie 3rd-Mage

      A link to the orginal photos would be nice or some
      more info please :3

    • Nostale Poland's GM spoiler it , so it shld be true -w-(thank TayI7 helping :3)
      so nosJapan lied :o..
      next SP shld be dark SP instead
      and next partner SP shld be Fire.....

      Seems Entwell is having more fashoin sense now -w-
      i understand why, as they produced another Online game (Core Online ) which is a 3D MMORPG and not for cute
      so they have to draw better :D

      and come on...i hate fortune-teller la...
      if the fortune-teller dun have buff that increase dodge( bcz its fortune telling ability)..
      i will ignore this SP for sure

      mage:skaghonat lv95|jlv 80|Red 74+7|Holy 99+9|Ice 99+11|DG 99+10|Vol 99+8 |TL 99+9|Seer 22+0
      archer:garuru lv 85 |jlv 80|Ran 23+3|Sin 34+4|Des 44+5|WK 61+2|CS 99+11|HH 60+2|DH 40+0

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    • Okay still confused the male and female characters are new dark sp and omg that male fourtune teller looks like a girl X( its bad enough we have to deal with the troll looking male tide lord but now this ?? Its skils would seem cool though! And the ninja girl is fire partner sp ? lol what somone please clear which picture is what
    • it still so confused to me... how come the girl use a gun and the boy use a something like a sword idk? alt n... it supposed to be the archer sp 7 right? plz share links with us T_T

    • Mage's sp is too cute for a dark sp XD But I like it :o If ever this will be official XD And is that a gravity ball? :O I hope it is...since that sp, especially the female one has stars on her belt XD So it's kindah giving me the idea that it somehow deals with time and space power :o Cosmic? or out of space...Idk X( XD
    • The pictures hasn't been posted by Polish GM. They were posted by a member. She found them on nostale's graphic designer's blog.
      Also I think we shoulnd't pay much attention to the weapons, she also found it there:

    • meh , even it is fake, it is too late for me already ( but i am 90% sure those pics will be at least semi-finished items or finished items)
      bcz i have finished the linart of Swordie one - 3-

      the lower part of the scythe is too blurred, so i make it up :I
      as the thing is not the final yet, so i dun colour it la ..or i will cry on changing colour lol...

      will draw Archer next, but haha...the sword thing...

      (i won't draw Mage - 3-)

      mage:skaghonat lv95|jlv 80|Red 74+7|Holy 99+9|Ice 99+11|DG 99+10|Vol 99+8 |TL 99+9|Seer 22+0
      archer:garuru lv 85 |jlv 80|Ran 23+3|Sin 34+4|Des 44+5|WK 61+2|CS 99+11|HH 60+2|DH 40+0

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    • Oh my! I am shocked! Isn't it a Light SP?! Huh! But it is very cool, anyway. I like very much the SP for Mage xD But the SP for Archers is strange... The girl has a gun and the boy has a sword. Why two different weapons?! By the way, this isn't a Partner SP (I think) because there are the male version and the female version of each SP. Maybe there will be a Quest and a Raid Lv85 - 99. Yay!
      P.S. : I like your picture, Skaghonat.
    • Well Archer sp seems to be duo wep maybe ? Guessing swordish weapon works as dagger ? Hmmm mabye that sp is for swordie who knows? When pictures of sp 6 were released everyone was confused with what class used what sp. But whatever class uses that gun/sword using sp, it might work as duo weapons like how assassin's "Thoma Hawk" skill uses bow/arrows and how pirate has "Dash Attack" which uses sword might just be for visuals like pirate and work as same weapon, or it might work as duo weapons like sin who uses bow+dagger. Looks like we gotta wait to find out I'm so anxious to get these new sp's cause no one ever wears dark res in FC muahahaha