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    • Important: How to lend stuff

      Howdy Nospeeps,

      as you may have noticed, people recently started to ask you to lend them stuff like your resistances for example. But beware: 99% of all cases the person that is trading/asking you is not the real deal. Therefore I decided to make a guide for you, so you can trade away your stuff safely.

      First of all, they will most likely take a name that is familiar for you. A friends name, a family mate's name - something like this. Since that name is taken, they will try to create something similar. This can vary. For our example case, we will use the name "Kirima". And this is our made up story that could also happen to you, if you are not careful enough!


      So, Kirima is a dear friend of mine and I'm quite known on the server, as well as Kirima. A guy that wants to steal my stuff knows that. Since he isn't that dumb, he heads to the character creation. Now, what shall he name his new character? Kirima• it should be. Notice that big, fat dot behind the name? But since I'm in a rush, I will probably not notice. I want to go offline and suddenly - a trade request pops up.

      Alongside with a request of hers in my whisper.

      Well, I think, why should I say no? She must have a reason to ask me that, right? I agree and so I put my resistance into the trade window...

      What an idiot I am. But I start to realize soon after the trade that something was odd... I check back my whispers and there we go... This wasn't my dear friend Kirima! I know she doesn't have a character with a dot behind her name! Oh dear, what did I do? Now my resistance is gone and the guy who got it for free ran off with it...


      So, what did we learn?

      • If a trade window pops up and you get asked if you can lend your resistance or anything else, check the name of the one that is trading you first. Check very carefully, maybe even twice, thrice. Possible imposter names end or start with ` or ´ or ' or • and similar stuff. The name itself can also contain twists, so take your time to check!
      • If you can't see the one who is trading you, make sure to find him first, so you can actually check if it's really your friend/family member/whatever.
      • It happened in the past that the imposter stood closely to the "original". Therefore always make sure that the name is correct. To be sure - whisper back by typing the name yourself. You will then see if the original asked you to lend them stuff.
      • Think for yourself first. Why would a highlevel player that is fully equipped ask you to lend him something he probably possesses and maybe even in a better version?
      • If the imposter says he is on one of his twinks at the moment, ask him to change back to his main character. If he refuses to do so - do not trade, under no circumstances!
      • This is not all. If you are sure the one that is trading you is the original, you should never trade without a counter value from the one who wants to get something from you. For example: If you got resistance boots that are worth around the same as a card carrier - let him provide you a card carrier as a counter value. Make sure to return it as soon as you get your stuff back!
      • Even if you got a counter value and the one who got it disappears and you will never get it back, it will be counted as scam. Before you trade, make sure to form a trading agreement. "I will lend you item xyz for 123 time, in return I will keep item xyz as long as you return my item." "Okay". Make a screenshot of that trading agreement and you will be on the safe side. Everything else won't be counted, so make sure to do this!

      Follow these points and nothing will happen! Maybe it's better to not lend anything at all, that will definitely safe your items from getting "abused" :) Maybe it's nice to lend stuff, but the people who get something from you might not always have the best intentions...

      Play safe and fair everyone! And spread the word about this guide!

      Best regards
      Your team
    • It's time to push this thread. Some people still seem to not know how trade away stuff the right way.
      If you see this thread, make sure to let your friends and family members know about this, so they will be informed as well!

      Thank you for your attention and happy playtime to all of you!

      Best regards
      Your team
    • Please have a look on this topic. Recently we had some players who didn't know that they have to be careful. Please share this with your friends and your family so they won't face any bad situation.

      Thanks a lot!